Most Common Reasons Why People Hate The Police

  It’s said that there are two types of people in Britain: those that dislike the police and those that have never really thought about them. So why do so many of us...

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Have the Police Tried To Stop You From Filming Them? Then Sue!

  There are no powers prohibiting the taking of photographs, film or digital images in a public place. Therefore members of the public and press should not be prevented from doing so. Memo...

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The 10 Worst Police Forces: Most Corrupt Complaints System

  Running this site and speaking to people who use the Action Against Police Service, I spend a lot of my time giving advice and alternatives to those who have been failed by the utterly...

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TSG – The Unscrupulous Security Company that Pretends to be the Police

Here’s a test for you. Take a look at these two images and identify which one is a police officer and which one is a security guard:     Answer?   Neither of them...

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Rotherham – The latest deep step into the cesspit of appeasement

by Fahrenheit 211   Following the revelations that the police had stood by whilst gangs of Muslims raped their way through 1,400 of Rotherham’s children and young women, you’d think that the police...

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If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

If there’s one police catchphrase that makes my skin crawl it’s that moronic mis-statement that: “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”   As well as being a once popular mantra among...

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Your Right to Swear at the Police

  If you’ve ever experienced the long plastic arm of the law at it’s most incompetent, you won’t so much be wondering if it’s your right to swear at the police as it is...

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How to Sue the Police For Assault (And Battery)

When you think of assault you probably imagine a fight or an act of physical violence. But what you may not know is that for an assault to occur no physical contact need have taken place....

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We Are Prosecuting A Police Officer – the first of its kind in Britain

Recently we have noticed a worrying increase in one specific type of police misconduct: Police officers who retaliate against members of the public for daring to complain. That retaliation can take many forms such as: Making a...

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Action Against Police – Our Telephone Advisory Service

    Our Action Against Police advisory service is now available to those who need guidance and advise in relation to matters concerning the police.   For just a £20 one time fee we will...

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5 Things You Can Demand From the Police (They Don’t Want You To Have)

If you have a complaint against the police or intend to sue them, if you believe they may hold false information on you – or maybe you are just curious as to what...

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We Achieve Yet Another Payout From the Police – This Time For Ourselves

by Rob Warner This is a cheque I received from Derbyshire police today in settlement of a claim for trespass. The trespass involved two police officers who forced their way into my home after I...

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How to Reset Bad Credit to Zero and Stave Off Debts For Good

We have written little about debt collectors and bailiffs (or Enforcement agents as they have been newly christened) on this site in recent months because unlike the police there is a fairly simple...

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How to Defeat TV Licensing – The Definitive Guide

  The TV Licensing Blogspot has recently published a free comprehensive guide on how to combat the parasites that go door-to door-collecting the telly tax: aka TV Licensing aka Capita.   ‘TV Licensing...

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Stay Out Of Jail Free Card – How To Defeat An Unlawful Police Stop in England and Wales

  Did you know that only 12% of all police street stops result in arrest? Which means that on average the police are wrong, roughly, nine out of ten times they suspect someone...

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Are the Police Unlawfully Recording You Without Consent?

  Recently we came across a new reason not to talk to the police which is that they could be secretly recording you on their mobile phones. A recording which is made unlawfully and stored insecurely,...

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Sue the Police

Will the police harass you if you dare make a complaint?

Occasionally we get e-mails from people who believe they have been wronged by the police but are worried about what will happen if they make a complaint.  Will it result in unwanted attention from...

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Find Out What Info the Police Have On You with These Subject Access Request Letters

  Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act you have a right to obtain copies of your personal data that the police have retained against your name, nickname, address or contact telephone number. This...

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How to Sue the Police for False Imprisonment

    False imprisonment (also known as unlawful detention and wrongful arrest) is probably the most common abuse of police powers. Almost all of us have been stopped by the police at some point in...

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How to Sue the Police for Trespass

  Whilst helping those who use our ‘Action Against Police Service’ we often hear stories of how the police have demanded entry or forced their way into an occupancy without a warrant. The police...

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Email Address of Every Chief Constable in the Police Forces of England and Wales

  Here is the full list of the personal email addresses of every Police Chief Constable in England and Wales:-   Avon & Somerset Constabulary – Gareth.Morgan@avonandsomerset.police.uk Bedfordshire Police – Jon.Boutcher@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk British Transport Police – Paul.Crowther@btp.pnn.police.uk Cambridgeshire...

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