What’s the law on Cannabis use in the UK?

There’s a lot of confusion regarding the law on cannabis in the UK, mostly due to the government seeming unable to make it’s mind up on how serious the affects are of the most...

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What can you do if the police refuse to investigate a crime?

  It’s a sad indictment of modern law enforcement when there is a need for an article entitled: “What can you do if the police refuse to investigate a crime?” but when you consider...

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Police Complaints: Corruption At Its Finest

  Earlier this year I published a story on how West Yorkshire police had settled a claim I had made on behalf of a reader. William Draper had been discreetly filming a group...

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The wholly corrupt and malicious PC Hooks.

Man Prosecuted for Bumping into Police Officer in Supermarket

  I’m currently helping a Crimebodge reader bring an appeal against a conviction of common assault he received in Southampton Magistrates’ Court last week for allegedly ‘pushing past a police officer’ who was...

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IPCC Protecting Top Cops Involved in the Rotherham Scandal

  Do you remember the Rotherham scandal? Where 1,400 children were sexually abused between 1997 and 2013 at the hands of rape Jihadists. Of course you remember it, why wouldn’t you? It’s only organisations...

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Suing the police for unlawful seizure of goods

  Recently, I achieved a £1000 settlement for a customer after Norfolk Police unlawfully detained him and seized his property…   The Incident Mr. D had been taking pictures in Norwich, when he was...

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How to Prosecute Criminals – When the Police Won’t

  Shrugging off crime has become a worryingly familiar trait among British police these days. They blame everything from lack of evidence, cuts, resources and the Crown Prosecution Service. Meanwhile, fraud has become...

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Yet another mindless animal masquerading as a police officer

  An ex police inspector once told me that he believed at least 50% of all arrests made by the police were unlawful in some way. This is because the police believe that their...

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PCSOs: Have they been granted powers of arrest?

by Rob Warner   If you don’t already know (as most people don’t), it is a criminal offence to walk away from a PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) when they have lawfully detained...

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Is the police complaints process a corrupt and futile, waste of time?

by Rob Warner   Over the years I have read hundreds of complaint findings, forwarded to me by disillusioned members of the public who have made complaints to the police, and I have yet to...

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Best Methods for Getting Rid of Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs)

  I occasionally get emails asking why I don’t write more about Enforcement Agents (previously known as bailiffs) and how to beat them. My answer is, because they are so much easier to...

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Make £100 Each Time the Police Stop You From Filming in Public

  Despite the fact that nobody is entitled to privacy in a public place, the police still seem to believe that they are an exception to that rule. A fact proven by the...

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Taking Action Against the Police

by Rob Warner   Through the Action Against Police telephone service, I have helped countless numbers of people successfully challenge the police across a broad selection of issues. This article explains how and why…...

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Your Right to Say “No” To A Police Traffic Census

  If you’ve ever found yourself held up in a huge tailback of traffic courtesy of a census point or road traffic survey you might be wondering on whose authority they are conducted and what...

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Female Reporter Attacked by Masked “Anti-Fascist” Thug, Then Blamed by Police for Being “Too Provocative”

  Lauren Southern is a Canadian Libertarian commentator who is highly skilled at defeating gah-gah social justice warriors and loopy feminists on their home activist turf by using the one weapon that they all fear:...

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Police Demand Householders Show Valid TV License or Face Arrest

Occasionally I post videos and articles that evidence how the police unlawfully assist Capita thugs in their unscrupulous crusade of telly taxation. All in a bid to protect the propaganda wing of the extreme left...

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Cop Zapper Letter – Get Rid of Unwanted Police Officers From Your Door

    A question I am frequently asked is “what should I do if the police invite me to the station for an informal interview?” (Also known as voluntary attendance).   My answer is...

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Welcome to the UK Religious Police – arresting those who offend muslims on facebook

Saudi Arabia, as you may well know, is governed by Shariah law; Which defined at it’s simplest is a brutal, medieval form of totalitarianism.   To ensure that it’s citizens remain in a permanent state...

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Police encourage the public to ‘step in’ when witnessing violent crimes (that they themselves have ignored)

According to recent reports in the press, the commissioner of the Metropolitan police – Bernard Hogan Howe – has suggested that the public should ‘try to step in if they witness violent crime.’  ...

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Most Common Reasons Why People Hate The Police

  It’s said that there are two types of people in Britain: those that dislike the police and those that have never really thought about them. So why do so many of us...

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Have the Police Tried To Stop You From Filming Them? Then Sue!

  There are no powers prohibiting the taking of photographs, film or digital images in a public place. Therefore members of the public and press should not be prevented from doing so. Memo...

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