We Can Help You Sue the Police and Defeat The Complaints Process

  Have you been unlawfully detained on the street by a police officer? Wrongly arrested? Have the police abused their authority in some way and treated you like a criminal when you did nothing...

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Why You Should Never Trust the Police

  As kids, many of us were told that if we were ever lost or in trouble, to find a policeman. How many of us tell our kids that today?…   I know...

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Surrey Police Put 7 Year Old On Wanted List

  A Crimebodge reader just sent me a screengrab from Epsom and Ewell Police’s Facebook page. Whereby the police are on the search for a 7 to 8 year old who allegedly knocked a...

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Uncovering Your Hidden Police Data

If you honestly believe the police maxim: “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear” then it’s time to take a look at your police file. Because the chances are that right now,...

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Harassment Warnings: How to Challenge Them

        Police harassment warnings are a one sided, and often dishonest account of a grievance between two parties. Not only do the police commonly hand them out without ever bothering...

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We Achieve Another £650 Police Payout (With Just One Letter)

  We had an e-mail from a Crimebodge reader today, letting us know that by using the methods in our Ebook ‘Take on the Police and Win‘, she has just obtained a £650 payout...

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Police Complaints Letter (FREE Template)

As part of our promotional for our latest Ebook ‘Take on the Police and Win‘ we are publishing a series of free template letters to assist you with making a police complaint or bring civil...

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How to Make A Citizen’s Arrest

    There seems to be much confusion about what a citizen’s arrest is. Does it give the public the same power as the police to apprehend villains? Can we stop and detain people...

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Take on the Police and Win!

  For most people the police complaints process is a depressing waste of time.  Not only do the police get to investigate themselves and help fellow officers escape misconduct charges, the get to...

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Your Right To Find Out What A Police Officer Has Written About You In His Notebook

  In our Ebook ‘What Do The Police Have On You‘ we reveal 17 types of personal data that the police could be storing and processing in your name. Much of which you...

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Police Brutally Assault 15 Year Old For Refusing To Be A Witness

  After 3 years of running this site I’d like to think I’m not easily shocked by the abuses of authority I see and hear on a daily basis. However I have to admit...

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When Off Duty Cops Are Asking For A Smack in the Mouth

  I got an e-mail from a John Timmins – claiming to be a cop – who took  exception to an article I’d written.    He believes that off-duty cops are just as...

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