Gay Police Vehicle Gives New Meaning to ‘Cruise Car’

I’m sure not a day goes by when victims of burglary, theft and assault aren’t being palmed off by the police in the name of cutbacks. However, tax payers in Greater Manchester will be...

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No matter where you are, no matter what the situation, when it comes to talking to the police – as suspect or victim – it always pays to say as little as possible....

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Zapper Letter! How to Get Rid of Unwanted Debt Collectors

If you have unwanted debt collectors coming to your door, phoning, writing, texting or e-mailing you then we recommend that you rid yourselves of them permanently with our ZAPPER LETTER!     This...

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IPCC Lying Bastards Save Negligent Cops Yet Again

  I know I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but I couldn’t resist stirring the pot. Especially on hearing the words “cops, porn and Facebook” coupled with “death in...

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Shapeshifting Reptilian Police Officer Makes Toytown Traffic Stop

  Of all the varying sub-species of cop, in my experience female police officers are far and away the worst of them all. Just as the obstreperous bitch in this video aptly demonstrates.  ...

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Copblock Challenge USA

  If you’ve had a rough day, then why not unwind and relax with this youtube clip of a bullying American cop getting an elegant verbal smackdown.   Just like British cops, our...

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Metro Newspaper Stirs Up Racial Hatred Against Non-Muslims

Here’s a question for you: Where do failed Guardian reporters go when they die?   Answer is: the Metro Newspaper. That freebie ‘student’s newsletter’ for cultural marxists who conveniently ignore all the eeeeevil...

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Terrorist Loving Cop Gets the Boot

    This is (was) Detective Inspector Afiz Khan.     He wasn’t happy enough with Britain and all the comforts it afforded him: The nice home, the fat wage packet, electricity and...

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How to Force the Police to Investigate A Crime

  When it was recently reported that the police only investigate 4 out of 10 crimes, the Home Office responded by stating: “We expect the police to investigate ALL crime.” Nevertheless, the police...

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Can a PCSO Demand Your Details or Physically Restrain You?

As with police officers, a PCSO cannot stop you on the street and request your details on a whim. They must have a valid reason for asking for your name and address, insofar...

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Slob of the Cops 2014 – Miss. June

    Phwoar!   As the summer heat in Britain reaches a scorching room temperature, our Calendar contender Assistant Chief Constable Jacqueline Cheer of Cleveland Police puts the gorge back into gorgeous and...

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Police Blast Hip-Hop From Patrol Car, Get Huffy When Someone Dares Complain

Old news probably, but I don’t care, because it’s new to me and that’s all that matters:-     Essex cops are caught on video driving through Chelmsford blasting hip-hop music through their loudspeakers....

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