How to Sue the Police for Trespass

  Whilst helping those who use our ‘Action Against Police Service’ we often hear stories of how the police have demanded entry or forced their way into an occupancy without a warrant. The police...

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Can You Write For Crimebodge? Want to Join the Team?

We are looking for people who are willing to become part of the Crimebodge team and help us continue to provide invaluable resources and help to those who have suffered abuses of authority at the...

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Email Address of Every Chief Constable in the Police Forces of England and Wales

  Here is the full list of the personal email addresses of every Police Chief Constable in England and Wales:-   Avon & Somerset Constabulary – Bedfordshire Police – British Transport Police – Cambridgeshire...

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Success! Another Harassment Warning is Removed

  We were recently contacted by a Crimebodge reader who succeeded in having a harassment warning removed from the Police National Computer after reading our article “Harassment Warnings: How to Challenge Them.“  ...

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We Are the Police, We Own the Law

  by Rob Warner Sat in the back of a taxi cab going into town today, I noticed that the driver was surreptitiously tapping text messages into his mobile phone while repeatedly taking his eyes...

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P.C. Pinocchio Demonstrates How to Lie to the Public (Badly)

by Rob Warner   The best part of running this website is helping people make complaints and bring compensation claims against the police. Over the years I have developed a range of tactics to defeat...

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Why You Should Never Trust the Police

  As kids, many of us were told that if we were ever lost or in trouble, to find a policeman. How many of us tell our kids that today?…   I know...

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Surrey Police Put 7 Year Old On Wanted List

  A Crimebodge reader just sent me a screengrab from Epsom and Ewell Police’s Facebook page. Whereby the police are on the search for a 7 to 8 year old who allegedly knocked a...

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Uncovering Your Hidden Police Data

If you honestly believe the police maxim: “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear” then it’s time to take a look at your police file. Because the chances are that right now,...

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Harassment Warnings: How to Challenge Them

        Police harassment warnings are a one sided, and often dishonest account of a grievance between two parties. Not only do the police commonly hand them out without ever bothering...

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We Achieve Another £650 Police Payout (With Just One Letter)

  We had an e-mail from a Crimebodge reader today, letting us know that by using the methods in our Ebook ‘Take on the Police and Win‘, she has just obtained a £650 payout...

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Police Complaints Letter (FREE Template)

As part of our promotional for our latest Ebook ‘Take on the Police and Win‘ we are publishing a series of free template letters to assist you with making a police complaint or bring civil...

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