How to Vanish From the Electoral Register

In our latest Ebook Extreme Credit Fixer – A Total Guide to Creating A New Credit Identity, we deal extensively with how to legally acquire all the official documentation you need to build...

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Deed Poll Template – Change Your Name Instantly!

What Is A Deed Poll? You may have heard the term deed poll in relation to a change of name, but never known exactly what it is. Well a deed poll (or change...

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Extreme Credit Fixer is a powerful tried and tested strategy to reinvent yourself financially… It relies specifically upon the lawful process of adopting an identity that you can use exclusively for your financial...

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What To Do If The Police Threaten To Break Down Your Door

  They refer to it as the ‘Enforcer’ or more jokingly ‘The Big Red Key’, but 16Kg of reinforced steel is no laughing matter when it’s used to smash down your front door…...

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Huddersfield Police Assault Autistic Lad To Stop Him Filming In His Own Home

By way of demonstration to our article Never Allow the Police Into Your Home here is a text book example of what can happen if you do.     Here, two Huddersfield police...

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PCSO Cop – Coming Soon!!!

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Another British Jihadist Killed in Syria Fighting For Islamic State

    This is in response to an e-mail I just received from an irate reader: I was enjoying your site and purchased the zapper letter, but then I saw how much you...

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Freemen of the Land Are Pseudo Intellectual Babbling Nutcases

I got an e-mail from a Freeman of the Land recently, regarding a minor traffic offence he’d committed that he didn’t want to pay the consequences for; the typical M.O. of a Freeman....

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Sue the Police!

  After 2 years of running this website we have decided to take a more proactive stance in assisting those who have been wronged by the police in England and Wales. If you...

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Statute Barred: Getting Rid of Old Debts

We recently helped a reader resolve a £1500 debt that was being pursued by Sheffield City Council. Not only did the reader dispute owing the debt, but Sheffield City Council refused to submit any...

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An Unlawful Stop and Search

As yet another cop-encounter video proves, the police regard the streets as THEIR territory. Forget the law. That’s the luxury of stuffy courtrooms and Google search results. On the streets, THEIR laws apply. And...

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Can the Cops Improvise A Stop and Search?

  Dear Crimebodge, A few years back I was unlawfully stopped and searched, my suspicious behaviour was that I avoided being run over by their meat wagon while they were performing a very...

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