TV Licensing Abuse of Process

  If there’s one thing we hate more at Crimebodge than rubbish cops, it’s people pretending to be rubbish cops: Bailiffs, Security Guards, the RSPCA and PCSOs to name but a few. All...

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How to Deal With Debt Collectors

If you have been receiving visits from an agent pursuing a debt it’s important that you know the difference between a bailiff and a debt collector. Although they are both ‘collection agents’, they...

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Watch How This Vehicle Owner Defeats the DVLA Car Clampers

This video was sent to us by Crimebodge reader Aydi who came up with a novel way of stopping DVLA clampers from taking his vehicle. Private wheel clamping was outlawed in 2012, but there are...

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How To Check Your Credit File Without Leaving A Trace

In Extreme Credit Fixer we describe how to create a completely new financial identity, quickly and cheaply, for those who may have been the victim of identity theft or ruined by an unfair credit history. In just...

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Your Right to Refuse A Police Interview

  We’re all familiar with the TV cliche of a police interrogation: A tight lipped suspect sat behind a table in a windowless room. A determined cop dragging a confession out of him under threat...

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Crimebodge Clocks Up 1.25 Million Views!

  As we have just clocked up over 1.25 Million views to the site, we want to say a massive thank you to all of our regular readers and subscribers who have made...

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How to Vanish From the Electoral Register

In our latest Ebook Extreme Credit Fixer – A Total Guide to Creating A New Credit Identity, we deal extensively with how to legally acquire all the official documentation you need to build...

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Deed Poll Template – Change Your Name Instantly!

What Is A Deed Poll? You may have heard the term deed poll in relation to a change of name, but never known exactly what it is. Well a deed poll (or change...

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Extreme Credit Fixer is a powerful tried and tested strategy to reinvent yourself financially… It relies specifically upon the lawful process of adopting an identity that you can use exclusively for your financial...

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What To Do If The Police Threaten To Break Down Your Door

  They refer to it as the ‘Enforcer’ or more jokingly ‘The Big Red Key’, but 16Kg of reinforced steel is no laughing matter when it’s used to smash down your front door…...

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Huddersfield Police Assault Autistic Lad To Stop Him Filming In His Own Home

By way of demonstration to our article Never Allow the Police Into Your Home here is a text book example of what can happen if you do.     Here, two Huddersfield police...

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PCSO Cop – Coming Soon!!!

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