Want Immunity From The Law? Become A Drug Addict

When I’m not sat indoors sticking hat-pins into cop effigies, I can be found nosing about in Magistrate’s court watching that hulking rust of machinery we call ‘justice’ grinding away at it’s victims....

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Jason Place. Confusing 'FAT' man with 'HARD' man.

Welcome to Wayland Prison

  Here’s a question for you… How long do you think a criminal who was given a 6 year and 9 month sentence, for a multi-million pound identity theft and document fraud scam...

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Got What It Takes?

Well have you?...

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DON’T PAY FOR 101 – Free Contact Details For Your Local Police Force

  Each call to 101 costs 15 pence from a home phone or mobile phone regardless of how long the call lasts. But if you get free local rate calls with your phone contract...

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PCSOs On A Power Trip

  Two examples of the Police Constable Special Olympics forgetting that they are nothing more than stunt dummies for a police service which can’t be bothered to patrol the streets anymore, and instead...

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TV Licensing And Their Dodgy Warrants

  Here are two more examples of TV Licensing failing to execute their bent entry warrants and yet more police officers who think they work for the BBC.   In both cases, the...

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Become A Public Sector Bastard…

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Never Allow the Police Into Your Home

  Many believe that if a uniformed officer (or PCSO) knock at the door they have an automatic right to enter our homes. Or, if they ask to be let in and you...

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What to Do If The Police Threaten To Seize Your Camera Phone

  The police are always keen to manipulate the law to their own ends. Abusing their powers of arrest and detention simply to punish people for not sucking up to them in a...

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Cops Attempt to Intimidate Driver for Daring to Film Them

  We’ve been posting a lot of videos lately of bitchy coppers taking issue with members of the public who record them. This is because we want to encourage as many people as...

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Cops Caught Sleeping on the Job

Top marks to “Scottishsovereign” for capturing this particular dereliction of duty:-   Two Scottish cops fast asleep in their patrol car while on duty. The cops were so absorbed by the head fairies,...

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Cops Unlawfully Going Door to Door with TV Licensing

When they’re not buggering our kids or making common purpose telly to brainwash us into becoming Marxists, the BBC are sending out henchmen door-to-door to obtain money with menaces from the public.  ...

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