Annihilate Debt With Our Extreme Credit Fixer

  In the past few weeks our ‘radical’ guide to credit repair has become the top selling Ebook on this site…   We have also been pleased to see that so many of those...

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Is joining the police a sign of mental illness?


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Why Never To Use “JustAnswer” for Legal Advice

We get so many e-mails from people needing our help, we thought it may be useful to offer a third party legal advice service on our site.   The problem is finding one.  ...

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Bye Bye Beeb!

  7 years ago, in a previous life, I was writing very different projects to Crimebodge. One of which was a screenplay that was being developed by BBC Films.   When I heard that...

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Tim Haynes instructs City of London Police officers after getting a phone call he didn't like.

Guinness World Record Breaker: Worst Abuse of Police Power

  If you ever find yourself bullied by cops simply for having the gall to stand up to them then take heart. Nothing that happens to you is likely to be as bad...

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How to Sue the Police and Win (Without Ever Having To Go To Court)

  …I want to shout it from the mountain tops. We won! This is a massive thing for me. I have never had a good outcome like this. Mr. D. Primus   About...

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What Do The Police Have On You?

  If you have witnessed crime, reported it, been the victim of it, or have been associated with anyone who may have committed crime then the chances are the police hold something on...

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TV Licensing Abuse of Process

  If there’s one thing we hate more at Crimebodge than rubbish cops, it’s people pretending to be rubbish cops: Bailiffs, Security Guards, the RSPCA and PCSOs to name but a few. All...

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How to Deal With Debt Collectors

If you have been receiving visits from an agent pursuing a debt it’s important that you know the difference between a bailiff and a debt collector. Although they are both ‘collection agents’, they...

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Watch How This Vehicle Owner Defeats the DVLA Car Clampers

This video was sent to us by Crimebodge reader Aydi who came up with a novel way of stopping DVLA clampers from taking his vehicle. Private wheel clamping was outlawed in 2012, but there are...

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How To Check Your Credit File Without Leaving A Trace

In Extreme Credit Fixer we describe how to create a completely new financial identity, quickly and cheaply, for those who may have been the victim of identity theft or ruined by an unfair credit history. In just...

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Your Right to Refuse A Police Interview

  We’re all familiar with the TV cliche of a police interrogation: A tight lipped suspect sat behind a table in a windowless room. A determined cop dragging a confession out of him under threat...

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