Can the Cops Improvise A Stop and Search?

  Dear Crimebodge, A few years back I was unlawfully stopped and searched, my suspicious behaviour was that I avoided being run over by their meat wagon while they were performing a very...

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Can An Off-Duty Police Officer Bully Me?

  Dear Crimebodge, If a police person lives next door to you and makes your life hell by intimating they are above the law  - although they are not on duty – how...

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Police Can’t Be Bothered to Investigate – Tell The Public To Do It Themselves

  Around this time each year, the Chief Constable of every force in England and Wales gets a visit from the head teacher to see how naughty him and his class of dunces...

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South Yorkshire Police Unfit for Purpose – Sack the Lot of them

  After finally coughing up to 15 years of assisting muslims with sexually abusing, raping and terrorizing as many children as they could lay their pox infested claws into, South Yorkshire Police have...

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More British Police Officers Die At Their Desks From Bad Health Than From Violent Crime On The Streets

  Statistics taken from the ‘Police Roll of Honour Trust’ - a website which catalogues all serving police officer deaths since 2008 – shows that the police are actually at greater risk from dying at their...

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Police Complaints MADE EASY!

  We recently contacted all 43 police forces in England to find out how easy it is to make a complaint… The results we found were shocking – but considering the slippery nature...

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Gay Police Vehicle Gives New Meaning to ‘Cruise Car’

I’m sure not a day goes by when victims of burglary, theft and assault aren’t being palmed off by the police in the name of cutbacks. However, tax payers in Greater Manchester will be...

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No matter where you are, no matter what the situation, when it comes to talking to the police – as suspect or victim – it always pays to say as little as possible....

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Zapper Letter! How to Get Rid of Unwanted Debt Collectors

If you have unwanted debt collectors coming to your door, phoning, writing, texting or e-mailing you then we recommend that you rid yourselves of them permanently with our ZAPPER LETTER!     This...

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IPCC Lying Bastards Save Negligent Cops Yet Again

  I know I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but I couldn’t resist stirring the pot. Especially on hearing the words “cops, porn and Facebook” coupled with “death in...

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Shapeshifting Reptilian Police Officer Makes Toytown Traffic Stop

  Of all the varying sub-species of cop, in my experience female police officers are far and away the worst of them all. Just as the obstreperous bitch in this video aptly demonstrates.  ...

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Copblock Challenge USA

  If you’ve had a rough day, then why not unwind and relax with this youtube clip of a bullying American cop getting an elegant verbal smackdown.   Just like British cops, our...

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