Our Action Against Police advisory service is now available to those who need guidance and advice in relation to matters concerning the police.  ... Action Against Police – Our Telephone Advisory Service




Our Action Against Police advisory service is now available to those who need guidance and advice in relation to matters concerning the police.


For just a £25 one time fee we will provide you with detailed one-to-one telephone advise.


We can provide valuable advice, guidance and assistance on all matters involving the police such as:

  • Challenging unfair harassment warnings
  • Having harassment warnings deleted from Criminal Record Checks
  • Challenging the wrongful issue of cautions
  • Having cautions deleted from all police records
  • Making successful complaints against the police
  • Bringing civil action against the police for assault, trespass, false imprisonment
  • Having items returned that were unlawfully seized by the police
  • Obtaining CCTV, records, reports and referrals from the police
  • Getting the police to investigate crime
  • Prosecuting police officers for criminal offences


Complaints against the Police
Do you believe you have been unfairly treated at the hands of the police? Are you being ignored? Do you believe the police may be engaging in corrupt practices or unlawful tactics against you? Contact us, as we will be able to advise you on how to exploit the police complaints process to your advantage. 


Thinking of suing the police?
Have you been a victim of assault, unlawful arrest, false imprisonment or malicious prosecution at the hands of the police? We can tell you if you have a viable claim that you can bring against them and how to proceed to bring the officers to book. We can also give you a full and comprehensive appraisal based upon the facts and where applicable, advise you on how to proceed with your claim.


Reports of crime being ignored?
Have you attempted to make reports of crime that have been ignored by the police? Are you being victimised by neighbours or members of the public and the police are refusing to act? We may be help you to resolve your issues and ensure that criminal activity is dealt with.


Harassment warnings or other notices
Have you received an unfair harassment warning, caution, Police Information Notice or other official notice from the police and would like to know how to challenge it, or even dispose of it? We can tell you how.


Don’t employ the expensive and on-going services of a solicitor. For just a one off fee of £25 you can access our Action Against Police service. Comprehensive one-to-one advice that will assist you with any problems you may have concerning police abuses of authority or neglect.



Just click on the Paypal link to make payment of £25 via card or Paypal balance. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase. As soon as you checkout you will be sent the contact number and a download of our terms and services.




Please note that we do not provide legal advice to those who are the subject of an ongoing criminal prosecution and qualify for legal aid. If you have the right to the free advice of a solicitor then you should use it.


If you would like any further information on this service then please contact us:

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