Are the Police Exempt from Road Traffic Laws?
  Since uploading my compilation videos onto Youtube of cop’s bad driving, I’ve noticed a lot of comments suggesting the police are exempt from all driving regulations. Apparently, all they need do – to park on double yellows, exceed the speed limit, carve up other drivers and use their... Read more
UK Police Brutality Compilation
A collection of  ‘caught on camera moments’ of British police officers behaving worse than the criminals they are paid to catch. Subscribe to the Crimebodge Youtube Channel by clicking on the link below     If you have own video footage of misbehaving cops that you would like to publish... Read more
UK Police Bad Driving and Parking Compilation
When the blue lights aren’t on, the police must abide by the same road traffic laws as everyone else. This video compilation shows that the police think otherwise.     When it comes to the public breaking the law the police allow no explanation except criminality. But when it... Read more
P.C. PCs – Politically Correct Police too Scared to Enforce the Law
In the interests of furthering the scope and aims of this site, I have now set up a Youtube channel. The first video is a collection of clips that illustrate just how paralysed and inept the police are when confronted by what they fear the most: Being accused of racism. The last... Read more