Cops Unlawfully Going Door to Door with TV Licensing

When they’re not buggering our kids or making common purpose telly to brainwash us into becoming Marxists, the BBC are sending out henchmen door-to-door to obtain money with menaces from the public.


Capita is currently the biggest employer of amoral tossers in the country. Making them only second to the police.

I assume these people only get jobs with Capita because the police won’t have them and they can’t make any money out of sitting at home masturbating over snuff.

Regardless, the cops are always ready to lend TV Licensing a hand, just as they are with bailiffs, debt collectors, security guards and other corporate thugs.

Even though the telly tax is a civil matter and has NOTHING to do with the police, the cops automatically regard any clipboard wielding corporate lacky as one of their own and will jump to their assistance on a whim.  Just as long as they are out to harass, intimidate and persecute members of the public. (Therefore giving cops the chance to stand by and watch somebody else do it other than themselves).

So after helping TVL deceive their way into this poor bastards home, the cops then have the nerve to litter his corridor, leaning up against the wall and taking casual stabs at what the law actually is regarding TV Licensing.

All while these Capita confidence tricksters go about their business of fitting the homeowner up with a crime he hasn’t committed, in their effort to criminalise the innocent and make EVERYONE in the UK eligible for the telly tax, regardless of whether they watch live programmes or not.

All dutifully assisted by another equally bent corporation…

The Police.





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