Female Reporter Attacked by Masked “Anti-Fascist” Thug, Then Blamed by Police for Being “Too Provocative”


Lauren Southern is a Canadian Libertarian commentator who is highly skilled at defeating gah-gah social justice warriors and loopy feminists on their home activist turf by using the one weapon that they all fear: Logic.


She can deconstruct the emotionally strangled argument of a screeching feminazi with just one choice sentence, and it is an orgasmic delight to watch, as they are left flapping away like landed fish before she gracefully moves onto the next moron. And – unlike every feminist and social justice warrior in existence – she is also very easy on the eye.


Currently, she is touring the most neo-liberal infested parts of Europe – which is all of it – in a bid to deposit a drop of reason into the ocean of stupidity that passes for their brains. Unfortunately for her, she visited London a few days ago and discovered to her cost that it is the Capital State for left-wing extremism in Europe.


She also discovered that we have quite possibly the most ineffective, lazy, politically-correct police force in the world, the employees of which never miss an opportunity to justify and protect any anti-British extremist that wants to physically attack someone who doesn’t agree with it.


Watching the above video posted by Rebel Media, I found it shocking but unsurprising at how lethargic and disinterested the police were in response to this attack – which occurred right in front of their faces. Rather than arrest the attackers, a female police liaison officer steps into the affray to blame Southern herself for inciting the attack by being “too provocative”.




How dare Southern stand among a playpen full of self-entitled, mentally stunted, violent hate-mongers and attempt to reason with them? I mean, that’s just asking for it, isn’t it?


Lauren Southern is assaulted and shoved by a masked demonstrator as police officers watch behind.

Lauren Southern is assaulted and shoved by a masked demonstrator as police officers watch from behind. She is later blamed for the attack by one of the officers for being “too provocative”.


It’s just a pity of course that Southern is of the wrong ethnic, religious and political persuasion, because if she hadn’t of been I’m sure there would have been a scrum of police officers readily steaming in to protect her right to free speech. As long as that free speech is about destroying the West, killing ‘Fah-sheests’ and throwing an almighty temper tantrum for losing the EU Referendum.


Interestingly enough, whenever any other breed of activist invades the grasslands of Londonistan to protest against, for example, left wing extremists, the top brass at the Met won’t hesitate to bring their entire peaceful protest to a halt by instantly magicking up their powers of dispersal, under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014; you know, just in case a left wing cry baby wants to get up and punch something.


And let’s not forget the similar powers of dispersal that individual officers have under the same Act, as well as powers under Section 50 of the Police Reform Act to demand the attackers details, and Section 60AA of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act that gives officers the power to direct a person to remove any item that the officer believes they are wearing in order to conceal their identity. And finally, at the risk of sounding old fashioned, the police also have common law powers to arrest violent assailants for common assault.


But let’s not go too far eh? The police are hardly likely to go to such extremes just to arrest a poor little protestor who had to digest some logic and facts that didn’t agree with him, thereby forcing him to lash out and punch a female reporter and her cameraman in what was clearly an act of self defence. Because, you see, they hurt his delicate petal-like feelings with their words, so he hurt their faces with his fists.


It all makes sense now doesn’t it?


No?? Then why not join me in reporting this to the Metropolitan Police as the violent hate crime that it is. (And we all know how much the police love a hate crime.) You can make a report via the National Online Crime Reporting Website.


Perhaps if enough of us club together to let violent activists know that punching people in the face for expressing different views to them isn’t acceptable in this country, who knows, the police might even start to wonder if it’s illegal themselves.


Lauren Southern’s Youtube channel and European Tour web page.




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