Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act you have a right to obtain copies of your personal data that the police have retained against... Find Out What Info the Police Have On You with These Subject Access Request Letters



Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act you have a right to obtain copies of your personal data that the police have retained against your name, nickname, address or contact telephone number. This right is known as Subject Access. 


We have compiled a subject access pack that you will help you obtain ALL of the data that the police retain on you. This pack costs just £3 and contains a variety of template letters that can be sent via e-mail to your local police force to request paper files or digital recordings of the following data types:


  • Allegations and Intelligence gathered against your name
  • Recordings of Police telephone calls or radio traffic that mention you
  • Copies of Incident logs and crime reports
  • Copies of entries made in a policemans notebook
  • CCTV recordings made at a police station of you
  • Police Body Worn Video recordings of you
  • Copies of any e-mails, memos or referrals made
  • Copies of search warrants
  • Copies of harassment warnings
  • Full details of everything recorded against your name on the Police National Computer




Just cut and paste the relevant fields from the enclosed Subject Access Request Letter into an e-mail and add the relevant dates, times and names of police officers that you dealt with. Also contained within this pack is an appeal notice, should the police only partially complete your subject access request or fail to return any documents at all.


This pack also contains a full e-mail list of every Subject Access department of each police force in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. A list you will not find anywhere on-line as the police consistently refuse to disclose these e-mail addresses. Instead they insist that such requests are made using pre-prepared police forms from their websites. Not only are their forms drafted to provide you with as little data as possible, they also ask for unnecessary personal information that you are not obligated to give. Information that will be retained and stored by the police for future use.


Any Subject Access Request you make via e-mail to the police is valid and must be processed. The police’s refusal to do so is a criminal offence. 


We have therefore drafted a compliance notice within this pack which you can forward to the police in the event that they refuse to process your subject access request. This notice sets out the law and explains how it is possible to obtain damages and obtain a court order if the police refuse to comply with your request.




This may mean forwarding your passport, driving licence and a recent utility bill. Although you may be able to e-mail scans of your I.D. the police will typically insist that you send original documents to them. You may bring it to a local police station and have it photocopied there. 


However, the police cannot insist that you post your subject access request with any I.D. you send. You can e-mail your subject access request BEFORE your I.D. so that you can ensure that all the information you are requesting is correct. This is the method we recommend.


Finally, don’t forget that every public and private authority that handles subject access requests has a right to charge a statutory minimum fee of £10. This fee should never be higher. This means that you can obtain a full copy of your criminal record – should one exist – for just £10 without having to pay exorbitant sums through the disclosure and barring service (DBS checks).


Full instructions on how to use these letters are also contained within this pack.



If you would like to download this Subject Access Pack right away then please use the Paypal button below. You will also be e-mailed a receipt that also contains the download link. If you experience any problems with your download or need further assistance using these documents then e-mail us here. 




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