Yet again, child murderer and state protection wonderboy Jon Venables has shot his big cavernous gob off to anyone who will listen as to...
John Venables social worker considers the possibility that people don't like him.

John Venables social worker considers the possibility that people don’t like him.

Yet again, child murderer and state protection wonderboy Jon Venables has shot his big cavernous gob off to anyone who will listen as to his real identity. This time to a group of friends at a party, one of whom dutifully took a photo of him and fired it off on Twitter. And as per usual the Home Office responded by wheeling out the  ’24 hour Protection Truck’ to rescue him from ‘us’ the evil society that the poor mite is the victim of.

Instead of urinating another few hundred grand on another new identity for him, why don’t they just fit him with a muzzle?

Not happy with protecting venables from his own gob, the powers-that-be want to make out none of it happened by threatening the whole world with contempt of court if anyone dares publish the photos he keeps taking of himself. Except for Venables of course, who is seemingly immune from contempt of court. Because as per usual, when it comes to those in authority, the criminal contingent are there to be saved from themselves at the expense of greater society. And greater society itself is to be deemed the true evil minded wrong-doer, by virtue of the fact that we are all a potential bunch of pitchfork wielding vigilantes. Even though his identity and location has been released countless times over the past twenty years and nobody has so much as touched him. Such as this picture he allowed to be taken of himself several years ago by a local newspaper when he was working for a pizza house. He’s the fat bastard on the far left by the way.

But now of course Jon and his newly adopted state family of helpers have Twitter to contend with: the church of idle gossip. And believe it or not, there are actually some people out there who are refusing to help the government lie about somebody’s identity. Especially when that person is so keen to tell the truth about himself.

Has it ever occurred to the government that the only person Venables is at true risk from is himself? And that, just maybe, he wants it that way? Just maybe, in his own fucked up mind, this is Venables showing remorse at long last for the heinous crime he and Robert Thompson committed in 1993 when they murdered two year old James Bulger.  Thereby proving he cannot be rehabilitated back into society, so the only place for him are the four prison walls he so clearly longs for.

As much as I have little respect for vigilantes, it does make me wonder if anyone who bumps off  a kiddie murderer is afforded the same sense of protection as the person they murdered. In Venables case it was a platoon of social workers and protected housing environments, giving him a better quality of life, education and prospects that he would never of had if he hadn’t gone out and murdered a two year old.

The fact that Robert Thompson has entirely avoided revealing himself since his release from prison, also lends the theory of ‘public remorse’ some weight. Thompson was the more notorious of the two because of the fact that he showed no guilt for what he had done. Until it was time to be released of course and there was a social worker that had a tick box to check. I doubt Thompson has ever felt anything for what he did. Not in any normal sense of the word. Because if he had of done then he would have topped himself by now. Or at least been unable to walk within ten yards of a mirror without collapsing into a puddle of self loathing.

I really couldn’t care a monkey’s toss for all the blaming of others, culpability and poor upbringing of Venables and Thompson. Nor do most. Alive or dead they’re not a subject worth the steam off most people’s piss. Just like so many other criminally minded poster-boys that have a phalanx of public sector workers picking up after them, I don’t care one way or another for the moral conundrum of their existence. If Venables wants everyone to know who he is then what gives the government the right to stop him? They’ve made all his wishes come true so far, why back out now?

Still, if you’re wondering what he looks like then take a look at this twitter account where you’ll find about half a dozen pictures he’s fired off of himself over the years. And after you’ve had a look, expect a man in a dark suit and sunglasses to come knocking on your door, and flash you in the eyes with a neuralizer.



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