by Rob Warner   Through the Action Against Police telephone service, I have helped countless numbers of people successfully challenge the police across a broad... Taking Action Against the Police


by Rob Warner


Through the Action Against Police telephone service, I have helped countless numbers of people successfully challenge the police across a broad selection of issues. This article explains how and why…


In my experience over 90% of all potential claims against the police are for damages less than a £1000. However, most solicitors are unwilling to represent clients for what they regard as such a paltry payout. This means that each year, thousands of people who have been mistreated by the police, are denied the resources to sue or legally challenge them, and are forced into the corrupt police complaints process: A system ran entirely by police officers, all of whom favour the reputation of the service above the rights of the public.


But it doesn’t have to be this way…


Over the past few years, I have developed proven and workable techniques for bypassing the police complaints process and achieving fast, effective outcomes without ever having to step foot in court. A Do-It-Yourself guide to challenging the police from the comfort of your own home. As not every police complaint gives rise to a monetary claim, I cannot guarantee compensation every time, but I can guarantee these legal challenges have a significantly greater chance of achieving an outcome than anything the police complaints process has to offer. 



Not everyone who has been treated unfairly by the police wants to sue, or lodge a complaint. Many people just want their problem rectified swiftly, with as little legal complication as possible. Below is a list of such problems that I have helped people with in just the past 12 months:


People who have been tricked, persuaded or mis-represented into accepting a criminal caution: only to find it shows up on enhanced criminal record check, which prevents them from getting jobs in certain sectors of employment. We have helped people challenge these cautions, and where they have been issued in breach of police guidelines, successfully had them deleted.


Those who receive unfair allegations or harassment warnings: perhaps after falling out with neighbours, friends, partners or family members. Harassment warnings are abused by the police as a way of threatening one half of a warring party into surrendering their side of the disagreement under threat of arrest. Just like cautions, harassment warnings can show up on Enhanced Criminal Record checks. The police also regard them as an indication of guilt that remain on their databases for years. They can therefore be used as a reason to trigger an investigation, or arrest you, should any future allegations be made. We have helped people have harassment warnings and Police Identification Notices deleted from police systems.


Innocent members of the public who are bullied, intimidated, assaulted or unfairly detained by the police on the streets and in their vehicles: It’s shocking just how badly educated the police are when it comes to knowing what rights they have to stop, detain, search, question and arrest people. Their powers are far more limited then most people would believe. Most shockingly of all 9 out of 10 of all stop and searches result in no arrest, and at least 50% of them are entirely unlawful. This massive disparity between what the police are allowed to do and what they actually do covers almost every area of policing, such as the police coming to your front door and demanding to be let in, refusing to leave, harassing you by phone and e-mail, stopping your vehicle repeatedly or questioning you on the street. If you aren’t sure if the police are allowed to do what they may already have done, we will provide you with the answer.


Police refusing to be filmed, seizing mobile phones, stopping the public from photographing or insisting images are shown to the police or deleted: In every one of these instances the police are acting unlawfully. If you have video evidence of the police acting unlawfully then we can show you how to make monetary claims against the police without having to go to court. The police WILL NOT go to court where conclusive video evidence proves their wrongdoing. We can show you how to get a payout immediately, without having to instruct solicitors, using a straightforward letter of claim. Best of all, we will not take a cut of your payout. We provide all of our advice upfront via our telephone help service. We only charge a flat rate of £25 to write legal letters, if you require us to do so.


Police refusing to investigate crime: where someone believes a crime hase been committed, and the police have no valid reason to doubt it, they must record it as a crime. Unfortunately, too many police officers intentionally avoid recording crime for a variety of reasons, usually brought about by their own unwillingness to investigate. If you are finding it difficult to get the police to respond to crime then we can advise you on the methods and procedures to force them into doing their jobs.


Prosecuting police officers for criminal wrongdoing and bringing civil claims against the police service: The police are not above the law. Police officers who bring malicious prosecutions against others, exploit their positions of authority for their own personal gain, commit perjury in court, use threats, violence and intimidation to make others obey unlawful commands are committing criminal offences which can be prosecuted in a criminal court. The police service are extremely reluctant about prosecuting one of their own  and routinely dismiss criminal claims made by members of the public. However, it is possible to bring criminal proceedings of your own, not just against the police, but against anyone who has committed a criminal act. We can offer extensive advice on how to further such a prosecution. Where a criminal prosecution is not possible, we can also advise you of your chances of bringing a successful civil claim against the police.


For just £25 we will provide you with one-to-one telephone service advice. There is no time limit to this call. We will even call you on a mobile phone or landline number of your choice.


Just click on the Paypal link to make payment of £25 via card or Paypal balance. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase. As soon as you checkout you will be sent the contact number and a download of our terms and services.



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