Terrorist Loving Cop Gets the Boot


This is (was) Detective Inspector Afiz Khan.

He wasn’t happy enough with Britain and all the comforts it afforded him: The nice home, the fat wage packet, electricity and running water, not having to shit into a ditch at the side of a road for a public convenience…

Nor was he happy with all the pampering, preferential treatment and promotion he was given in the police force just by virtue of being muslim…

No D.I Khan wasn’t happy enough with any of that. He thought Britain would be best suited in the Dark Ages where hanging gays and beheading christians can become a national sport, and worshipping pedophile sky fairies would become mandatory under pain of yet more hangings and beheadings.

So when the Metropolitan Police begrudgingly broke off their love affair with hate preacher Anjem Choudary, Detective Inspector Afiz Khan and his equally corrupt wife, went off and whispered in his ear that an arrest was imminent. Thereby sparing him the inconvenience of having to be dragged into a police cell, sat in a comfy chair, pampered by a phalanx of politically correct cops and then fellated by the chief constable.

You see up until this point the Metropolitan Police had always believed Anjem Choudary to be the tooth fairy. And had conveniently ignored the ten million or so complaints about him that they had received over the past twenty years. Eventually they realised that he wasn’t the tooth fairy at all. He was in fact a cunt. Albeit a muslim cunt. Which meant he was just ‘misunderstood’.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, D.I Afiz Khan was finally sacked from the Metropolitan Police yesterday. No doubt so he and his bitch wife can go find employment with some other public institution, to fund their terrorist sympathizing lifestyle.

The Metropolitan police would like to point out that by sacking Khan they don’t tolerate any kind of pro-terrorist corruption in the police force. Well at least not for any longer than the 20 years or so it took to catch him anyway.

The Met would also like to point out that they are not in the least bit racist. And they prove this by employing as many non-white people as possible. Some of whom – like Afiz Khan – ARE racists.

However, it’s an equality of sorts, because now at least they’ve got it in for ALL skin colours.


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