Yet another mindless animal masquerading as a police officer

Petty, hate-filled, bitter and power crazed. All of the qualities takes to be a cop nowadays.

Petty, hate-filled, bitter and power crazed. All of the qualities it takes to be a cop nowadays.


An ex police inspector once told me that he believed at least 50% of all arrests made by the police were unlawful in some way. This is because the police believe that their number one priority is to exercise their authority, not the law; Even where such authority does not exist. Such as this example, where a cop wants to believe that filming the back of a police station is a criminal offence. And that anyone who doesn’t account for themselves, when asked questions they are not obliged to answer, must then be searched by force.

video © Kevin Croft 2016


What this uniformed thug demonstrates is a text book example of false imprisonment, civil assault and battery, all of which could cost Norfolk Police several thousands of pounds in damages. There is no defence to this officer’s actions – notwithstanding the fact that he claims to be an Inspector and should know better – and despite the fact the cameraman complained to the Professional Standards Department of Norfolk Police, and was swiftly fobbed off with the usual cut-and-paste lies that the cop was not at fault.


So let me set Norfolk Police straight :


Firstly, the officer has committed multiple civil wrongs and the criminal offence of common assault with his heavy-handed and entirely groundless attack on the victim. He had no powers to search at the moment he chose, and did so purely as a punitive measure for the cameraman ‘daring to talk back’ and walk away when the officer was in the middle of flexing his hollow authority. This is nothing new or unusual. This type of lawless, sub-human garbage represents the general attitude of law enforcement in this country: A petty minded thug willing to abuse the law whenever it takes his fancy, and always ready to assault and arrest innocent people for having done no wrong except fail to stroke the officer’s pathetic, troubled ego in the manner that they are accustomed.



Both of these clueless clowns who assisted their superior with his assault should also face misconduct proceedings.


What really made me laugh out loud during this video was the suggestion from this gnarly faced goon, that terrorists might want to attack their police station. First off, not only has no uniformed officer outside of a special terrorist unit ever SEEN a real life terrorist, let alone apprehended one, the most obvious retort is why on earth would terrorists want to blow up their own allies? We all know how the police have done their utmost to assist the Jihadists in raping and ruining this country over the last two decades, and as they are the only type of terrorist in operation and as it’s obvious the cameraman possesses not a single attribute of such evil, then it’s clear the terrorist allegations are just wishful thinking on this officer’s sick mind. It also displays how lowly police officers regard members of the public and will happily conflate anyone that videos the police in a public place with being a potential terrorist.


As the cameraman rightly points out : “So if I film Argos, am I going to bomb it?” To which the officer responds “I don’t know.” Well there’s a fact if ever there was one, and a tacit admission of the officer’s all round level of dimness.


I’m not going to set out the details of the various causes of action, nor examine precisely where all the different abuses of police powers lay, as I have done this in countless other articles of this nature. Instead, I want to promote this video as a typical example of unlawful police aggression, how corrupt the police complaints process is for excusing this animal and of course an illustration of a lawsuit just waiting to happen.


Meanwhile, I have contacted the cameraman of this video and offered him my services in suing this spiteful, sad little man and his tin-pot police force. Let’s hope he takes up my offer.


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