At a glance, the police complaints process appears futile. Why bother when you know another police officer will be handling your complaint? Most... 5 Good Reasons to Complain About the Police



At a glance, the police complaints process appears futile. Why bother when you know another police officer will be handling your complaint? Most likely a friend or colleague of the officer under investigation, who will do his utmost to get them off the hook and sweep your allegations under the carpet.

And if the IPCC ever condescend themselves to look at your appeal, they too are stocked to the gills with ex-cops who will do anything it takes to help ‘their own kind’ escape punishment.

And on the remote chance they actually find a cop guilty of misconduct, the penalties they incur are laughable. Even for excessive violence or unlawful arrest they are given nothing more than a few measly ‘words of advice’ or requested to undergo some paltry ‘management training.’

The police complaints process is insulting, one-sided and corrupt. But hey! It’s all there is, and justice aside, you should exploit it to the hilt, if for no other reasons except the following:-




Nobody likes to hear bad of themselves. Especially an ego ridden police officer who thinks the public either fear or worship them. Just by having the courage to submit a complaint you’re sending out a clear message to the police that you are not afraid or intimidated by them, and it may make them think twice about dealing inappropriately with you later.

Furthermore, as soon as you make your complaint, the respective police officer will receive a copy of it. So be sure to fill it with as much brutal criticism and allegation as necessary. And don’t hold back on the trivia either. Our modern day cops are experts in vilifying people for the most petty and innocuous of offensives. So why not share the love and ladle on the minutiae, knowing that the offending officer will probably pop a blood vessel just reading the voluminous content of your complaint.




Even if the officer is subsequently excused of all the allegations made, ALL complaints remain on their record for LIFE.

The more complaints an officer has against their name, the less likely they are to achieve promotion, regardless if the complaints have been swept under the carpet.

Even if ALL complaints are subsequently rejected you will still be throwing some much deserved shit against the wall if the cop is an arsehole. The fact that their superiors KNOW that the complaints process is entirely bent will lead them to suspect that SOME of the allegations made must have been true and will therefore be extremely watchful of the cop concerned.




Yes, you can actually turn the tables on the police by asking to meet up with the cop you have made a complaint about and give them a piece of your mind.

Imagine that! Being able to talk condescendingly down to a police officer in the same manner they probably did to you! A role reversal that for most officers would be their worst nightmare come true.

However, if you are granted an audience with the naughty cop of your choice, expect them to do their utmost to weasel out of it. Such as pretending to respond to a phoney call on their radio the moment they’ve had enough of listening to you tell them off.

But if they do try to escape your wrath, kick up as much of a stink as possible and refuse to sign off on the complaints process unless you are granted your right to wag your finger at the cop in question.




The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) are a thoroughly corrupt organisation who’s entire function is to protect cops. But still they want the public to BELIEVE that they are impartial and doing a decent job of weeding out the bad from the good.

For that reason, the IPCC has to throw the occasional body out the door. Because as much as they would like, even THEY can’t protect all the misbehaving cops, because to do so would expose the IPCC for what they really are: Excuse makers.

Also, to ensure that they reach certain government targets so they can continue to live high on the hog – the IPCC will arbitrarily punish a specific percentage of police officers so that they can bee SEEN to be doing a good job. Serving officers KNOW that this is what the IPCC are really about and therefore, when an appeal is made they are liable to sweat bullets not knowing if they will be thrown to the wolves as a result.

You may not get any justice with the police complaints process, but the longer it drags out via an appeal to the IPCC the more you can summarily punish the police by wearing them down and making them sweat it out.




Because the IPCC know that both they and the Professional Standards Department of each police constabulary will be brushing almost every complaint made under the carpet, they actively encourage complaints from members of the public. They want to BE SEEN to make it as easy as possible for anyone with a grievance to land it on the door of their respective police station.

The truth is radically different however as approximately 9 out of every 10 appeals made to the IPCC are rejected, with the bias to uphold complaints always leaning toward those that have maximum exposure in the press. They often throw out serious complaints made against officers simply because the stories never made it into print and therefore the only person who will ever know about such injustices are the complainant themselves.

However, just like the IPCC the Professional Standards Department must be seen to be doing SOMETHING. And again, just like the IPCC they have arbitrary targets to reach to appease their government puppet masters.

For that reason the complaints department of each police force is more likely to uphold complaints against an officer that won’t reflect badly on the force as a whole, or are likely to have little effect on the officer concerned.

Therefore, you have more chance of having a complaint upheld against an officer for rudeness then you ever would for a complaint about violent behaviour.



…If you wish to make a complaint about a police officer, then e-mail the Professional Standards Department of the force concerned.

And to all those cops out there who think that this is a license to invite the public to make malicious complaints… It isn’t and we would only encourage those with a genuine grievance against the police to make such complaints.

But hey, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and as the police are always reminding us, we would remind them in turn:-




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Rob Warner