My name is Rob Warner and I am a legal advisor and author of ‘Take on the Police and Win’. I set up the Crimebodge website in 2012 to offer advice and services to those who suffer abuses of authority at the hands of the police.



In 2012, my home was invaded by two officers from Derbyshire constabulary, due to a groundless complaint made by a vindictive neighbour. When I complained about the two officers they fabricated an allegation against me and made a malicious referral to the local authority. It was done purely out of spite for my daring to have complained about them. For a detailed account of that story and how the website began, you can read the full story here.


What I Do

Over the years I have helped thousands of people challenge the almost daily abuses of authority that police officers inflict upon the public. I have successfully sued dozens of Police forces on behalf of my readers and specialise in claims against the police that do not exceed £3000 and can be settled out of court.

I also provide assistance and resources to help people:

  • Challenge unfair harassment warnings
  • Have harassment warnings deleted from Criminal Record Checks
  • Challenge the wrongful issue of cautions
  • Have cautions deleted from all police records
  • Make successful complaints against the police
  • Bring civil action against the police for assault, trespass, false imprisonment
  • Have items returned that were unlawfully seized by the police
  • Obtaining CCTV, records, reports and referrals from the police
  • Get the police to investigate crime
  • Prosecute police officers for criminal offences

I currently provide one-to-one email advice via the paid for GET HELP service.


Rob Warner