In 2012, my home was invaded by two officers from Derbyshire constabulary, due to a groundless complaint made by a vindictive neighbour. When I complained about the two officers they fabricated an allegation against me and made a malicious referral to the local authority. It was done purely out of spite for my daring to have complained about them. For a detailed account of that story and how the website began, you can read the full story here.


What I Do

Over the years I have helped thousands of people challenge the almost daily abuses of authority that police officers inflict upon the public. I have successfully sued dozens of Police forces on behalf of my readers and specialise in claims against the police that do not exceed £3000 and can be settled out of court.

I have in the past helped many people:

  • Challenge unfair harassment warnings
  • Have harassment warnings deleted from Criminal Record Checks
  • Challenge the wrongful issue of cautions
  • Have cautions deleted from all police records
  • Make successful complaints against the police
  • Bring civil action against the police for assault, trespass, false imprisonment
  • Have items returned that were unlawfully seized by the police
  • Obtaining CCTV, records, reports and referrals from the police
  • Get the police to investigate crime
  • Prosecute police officers for criminal offences



Rob Warner