Obtaining copies of your police data is a vital first step in going up against the police. To make it even easier, I have... Access Your Police Data and Criminal Record, Quickly and Easily, with this Subject Access Request Pack

Obtaining copies of your police data is a vital first step in going up against the police. To make it even easier, I have prepared this  comprehensive subject access pack, that is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018.


The Subject Access Request Pack

Most people remain blissfully unaware of their rights to access police data, let alone realise the scope of information they can request. For instance, did you know that you can request any of the following data types:

  • Everything contained on your criminal record
  • Intelligence files that might contain snippets of information about you or your family
  • Crime reports and incident reports that might refer to you
  • Police interview tapes
  • Speed camera photos taken of your vehicle
  • Police body worn video, if the police have recorded you
  • Police station CCTV and audio, if you have been held in custody
  • Radio traffic recordings, if the police have mentioned you on the airwaves
  • Telephone recordings of your conversations with the police
  • All data held in relation to you regarding harassment warnings
  • Copies of search warrants and the original applications for those warrants
  • A copy of any page of a police notebook that mentions you
  • Emails and referrals made about you to other agencies

You have a right to obtain a copy of all this data under section 45 of the Data Protection Act 2019. This right is known as Subject Access. It applies to all data held by any organisation, institution, business, charity or public office.


Quick and easy

The subject access forms supplied in this pack have been drafted specifically for obtaining copies of your data from the police. The forms list all of the most important data types you can access. All you need do is check the boxes, add dates and times and fill in your own personal details. All of the legal notices surrounding subject access are built into the form, including the email addresses of every subject access department of all forces in the UK.

Just select your force from the drop down box, complete the form on your device, save it as an attachment and email it directly to the police. It is the fastest and most secure method of making a request for all your data.


What can this SAR pack be used for?

This subject access pack has been recently updated for making requests to the police under the Data Protection Act 2018. It is a comprehensive means of obtaining maximum disclosure of your personal records. There are countless reasons why you should make a request, including:

  • Preparing a complaint about the police
  • Suing the police
  • Performing a criminal record check on yourself (before your employers do)
  • Performing record checks in advance of applying for a visa
  • Obtaining information and allegations pertaining to harassment warnings and Police Information Notices
  • To find out if you have any flags or warnings on the Police National Computer (even if you don’t have a criminal record)
  • To find out if allegations have been made against you
  • To obtain proof that the police have been investigating a crime
  • To obtain evidence for a civil action or small claims court action you are bringing
  • To get copies of any police documents you are entitled to, such as: warrants, stop and search forms, search authorisation, custody records, charge sheets, assessment forms and your own witness statements
  • To obtain evidence (as a victim) against an offender you plan to prosecute yourself
  • To obtain copies of speed camera photos
  • To find out what Automatic Numberplate Recognition Databases the police have added your vehicle details to
  • To find out if police officers have been looking you up on the Police National Computer
  • To find out what officers were saying on their radios at the scene of an incident involving yourself
  • To get recordings of emergency phone calls and police calls
  • To get copies of CCTV police station footage, (outside and inside) including audio of anything said while you were in custody. (Excluding anything said between yourself and your solicitor)
  • To get copies of police body worn video that captured you as victim, witness or suspect during any incident
  • To get copies of an officer’s notebook to find out what they have written about you
  • To obtain emails, referrals, memos and other data about you, shared by the police with other agencies
  • To find out what data the police are processing, if it is accurate and who they have been sharing it with


Instant Download

These subject access forms are provided in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word DOC formats. You can open and complete them on almost any platform; just download and complete, save and send by email, or print them off and mail them.

Also included with this pack is a step-by-step guide to help you complete the forms: Explaining what each box is for, what additional comments you should add, and how to target your request for a quick and comprehensive response. The guide will also tell you what to do if the police obstruct, delay or ignore your request as well as providing a full list of subject access email addresses to get your form to the right place.

If the police fail to return the data you requested, the pack also contains a Subject Access Non-Compliance Form: a notice informing the police of legal action that could follow if they refuse to comply.

There is also an ICO appeal form supplied with this pack, so you can ask the Information Commissioner’s Office to step in, if the police hold back essential data. The ICO can compel the police to disclose any information they find the requester is entitled to.


Save yourself time and money

Everything you need to get full disclosure on what the police have been saying, doing and reporting about you, can be accessed with this one package. It will save you hundreds of pounds in having to employ the expensive services of a solicitor, and it will save you the headache and confusion of preparing a subject access request from scratch.


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Rob Warner