The Hate Crime that Never Was: the Persecution and Prosecution of Louis Duxbury
In November 2019 Louis Duxbury, a 22 year old university student from York, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for ‘inciting religious hatred’ under section 29E of the Public Order Act 1986. The prosecution was brought as a result of a 17 minute monologue that Duxbury uploaded to... Read more
True Stories from the Frontline of Policing by Officer X
The following article was forwarded to me by an ex serving police officer. I have published it in its entirety with minor alterations to protect the identity of the author, under his request. It provides a stark and honest account of the division between the police and the public.... Read more
How to Obtain CCTV Footage from Public and Private Organisations (Part 1)
If you have been the victim of a crime, involved in an accident, or you are considering bringing a civil action, then obtaining a copy of any CCTV that may have been captured of the incident is essential. It doesn’t matter if the camera is owned by a private... Read more
My part in the prosecution of PC Mark Knights is over
At 11am on Thursday 20th August 2020, I entered into a conference call with Derby Magistrates’ Court, during yet another hearing in the case of PC Mark Knights. The purpose of the hearing was threefold: To find out if the CPS intended to take over the prosecution. If the... Read more
How to find the email address of any police officer in the UK
A number of people have emailed me to tell me that some of the chief constable email addresses I have listed, do not work. Usually, this is due to a change in Chief Constable, but occasionally this is due to the police using unpredictable email addresses, perhaps as a... Read more
PC Paul Cotton and PC Lauren Buckle: 6 Characteristics that Make a Bad Police Officer
  Imagine having the power to summarily punish any person who offends, or inconveniences you. And no matter how petty or isolated a person’s behaviour is – even if it isn’t aimed at you – you could detain and threaten them with a criminal charge. That’s precisely the power... Read more
My Experiences of Privately Prosecuting A Police Officer
  If you’ve been following my Youtube channel, then you will know that I am currently pursuing a private prosecution against a Derbyshire Police Officer who assaulted a member of the public in November 2019. This is the first private prosecution I have been involved in and although a... Read more
Email Address and Twitter Account of Every Chief Constable in the UK
Here is the full list of personal email addresses, websites and Twitter accounts of every Chief Constable in the UK. I have gathered the data from a variety of sources, as in many cases individual forces refuse to disclose the email address via FOI. Where two variants of an... Read more
Tommy Robinson’s Failed Lawsuit – Ignorance, Arrogance and Fakery
I’m often asked to comment on Tommy Robinson, and the various legal scrapes he gets himself into, but I always decline. Not because I have any objections to anything he says or believes, quite the opposite. I understand entirely why he is so popular among those who feel persecuted... Read more
How I Successfully Sued Armed Police with a Single Letter of Claim
I recently helped a member of the public settle a claim against the armed response unit of the Metropolitan Police for an unlawful stop and search and a malicious strip search. The claim was settled without the claimant having to commence court proceedings, and upon issue of a single... Read more
How to Complain About a Judge
  How hard is it to have a judge reprimanded or removed from their post in England and Wales, given that they are unelected, are appointed for life and enjoy an overall immunity from being sued?…  Alongside this, they are given immunity from prosecution for any acts they carry... Read more
Vindictive Thames Valley Cop Gets His Just Deserts
Stop and search is regularly abused by the police as a means to punish those who refuse to be questioned on the street. Ordinarily, the police will misuse section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, but it is becoming increasingly fashionable for them to abuse Anti-Terrorism... Read more
What Can You Sue the Police For?
This is a comprehensive list of causes of action you can bring against the police. A brief definition of each is followed by a more detailed breakdown of the various elements that must be considered to bring a successful claim against the police. Assault Battery False Imprisonment Trespass Interference... Read more
Quick Guide to Subject Access (How to get copies of your personal data)
If an organisation has stored data about you in permanent form, then you have a right to see it. If you think the information is wrong, outdated or being used unfairly then you can ask to have it amended or deleted. This right to access and amend your data... Read more
Protecting Yourself from the RSPCA – Your Rights When the Animal Police Come Calling
Each year the RSPCA spend around £8 million in court costs, prosecuting people for offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. As a result they have become the biggest private prosecutor in the country, bringing around 15,000 cases every year. They proudly refer to themselves as “criminal enforcers,” claiming... Read more
The Story Behind This Website
There is a lot of curiosity surrounding the history and purpose of this site, as well as questions regarding who I am and how I am qualified to offer legal advice. What follows is the story of what motivated me to create this website. *       *   ... Read more
How the Met Police’s Bogus Allegation of A Hate Crime Got Them Sued
Despite the never ending cuts that threaten to shred the police service into confetti (or so we are repeatedly told) it’s reassuring to know that one division of law enforcement remains intact. Not just intact but positively booming with an almost limitless supply of resources. And that is the... Read more
Your Safety and Security Guaranteed on this Website
If you are new to the Crimebodge website, you might have questions about its purpose, its legitimacy and its security. The following FAQ will hopefully answer those queries:   Who runs this website? This website is owned, operated and maintained by Rob Warner, who is based in Derby. It... Read more
Your Solicitor is NOT Your Friend
Good reasons NOT to put yourself fully at the mercy of your solicitor… A worrying trend I’ve noticed lately is the number of people complaining about the quality of service provided by their criminal defence solicitors. Most commonly because their solicitor has left them in the dark and without... Read more
Are the Police Exempt from Road Traffic Laws?
  Since uploading my compilation videos onto Youtube of cop’s bad driving, I’ve noticed a lot of comments suggesting the police are exempt from all driving regulations. Apparently, all they need do – to park on double yellows, exceed the speed limit, carve up other drivers and use their... Read more
Woman Gets Police Harassment Notice for Emailing Complaint to Rogue Builder
  Yet another instance of how the police favour allegations over investigation and how members of the public can cry ‘harassment’ as a way of enforcing their will upon another to evade justice… Mrs A contacted me a few days ago via the Action Against Police service to ask for... Read more