7 years ago, in a previous life, I was writing very different projects to Crimebodge. One of which was a screenplay that was being... Bye Bye Beeb!



7 years ago, in a previous life, I was writing very different projects to Crimebodge. One of which was a screenplay that was being developed by BBC Films.


When I heard that the BBC had got involved with something I’d spent the past year devoting my life too, I was extremely wary…


“The BBC is about the worst choice I can imagine to produce a working class comedy with. They’ll just ruin it with politically correct interference.” I told the producer…


He assured me that the people that actually worked at the BBC weren’t half as bad as the corporate drones that managed the BBC and to give them a chance.


So I did…


My producer was a lying bastard.


As soon as I got there, every cliche I’d ever heard about interfering producers came true. Magnified a hundredfold by the marxist mangle that the BBC insist on dragging everything through.


“…There’s too many men in your script. Can most of them be women? Can all the lead characters be black? If not, can there be a love affair between two of the men? Can it be set up North? Isle of Man perhaps, you get a lot of concessions for shooting movies there…”


And without doubt the most patronizing thing I ever had said to me was:


“I wish we could get MORE working class writers like you at the BBC.”




It was an utterly depressing and futile experience. And worst of all the BBC had spread their seed everywhere. They had infected almost every movie production company in Britain (what few there are) with their nepotistic brand of media studies dropout. So everywhere I went I’d hear the same flavour of PeeCee drivel. Hence why the British film industry is so derivative. And shit.


During my ill fated stint at the BBC I had to visit Broadcasting House a few times for meetings with a whole slate of wankers that get paid vast sums to do nothing more than have endless meetings and feel all big and important. What shocked me most about the people that worked there wasn’t just how many of them there were, or how arrogant and incompetent they all were, it was the fact that they were ALL middle class, white and didn’t actually DO anything. Except talk. In fact the only black or working class person I ever saw in that place was cleaning the toilets.


The inherent class prejudice that the BBC has toward the people that fund them, as opposed to the people that work there, is thinly disguised by their sanctimonious output. Chucking as much diversity and minority programming at us to give the impression they are anything other than an all white, all middle class, all privileged, all talentless college of agitprop.


Take a look at all those shameless faces on the image above and wonder what it would be like to be any one of them. Never having to do a proper days work in your life. Earning more money in a day than some people earn in a month. Sat on your fat in-bred arse living high off the hog from wage packets of people that have to go out and actually EARN a living.


The BBC is a welfare state for the elite. People who want big and important titles and huge wage packets but possess little or no skills except a clutch of university degrees and diplomas all TOTALLY UNRELATED TO THE JOBS THEY ACTUALLY ACQUIRE!


Like it or not – and they most certainly won’t be liking it – this year marks the beginning of the end for the BBC. And not just because Cameron has fired the first shot across their bows by appointing John Whittingdale as culture secretary. A man who describes the TV licence fee as being worse than the poll tax.


No, it’s because this year Section 77 of the Deregulation Act comes into force.  The first step in decriminalising the offence of watching live telly without a licence.


And once the masses realise that the BBC – and their Capita attack dogs – are powerless to prosecute anyone anymore it will be lights out for the BBC. As in these times of ‘austerity’, to coin a popular BBC buzzword, nobody is going to be so stupid as to shell out £145 quid for something that most people don’t even want for free.


Let everyone at the BBC go find some other state funded watering hole to suck the public purse dry from. Better still, let’s see how all their shining talents and hugely entertaining marxist soapboxing fares in the free market.


I think we all know the answer to that.







Rob Warner