Please read the following before emailing me:

I will do my best to respond if your question is a straightforward one or you are a Crimebodge member. Membership is by invitation only.

I am currently unable to respond to any requests for help, unless you require an assessment on whether or not you have valid grounds to sue the police. Assessments are free and I may be able to help you bring a civil action. If you do not receive a response it is likely because I cannot see any merit in your claim.

All emails are kept in the strictest confidence. I do not use any part of any email without express permission from the emailer. The only exception to that are emails that originate from public authorities.

Police whistleblowers are always welcome. You are guaranteed that your communication will be handled with the strictest confidence.

Please note, I do not provide any telephone service of any kind including Whatsapp. Text messages will not be responded to.

I will not reply to (and will blacklist) the following:

  • Auditors
  • Freeman of the Land / Sovereign Citizens
  • Issues involving children, family law or social services
  • Activists
  • Private parking issues
  • Complaints of gaslighting / gangstalking
  • Complainants with mental health issues



If you have a video you would like to see on my Youtube channel THAT YOU OWN then please email me with a link to the video. 

Please do not send me videos you don’t own the rights to. I cannot use them.

Please do not send me police Body Worn Video. The copyright of such videos remains with the police force that recorded them.

Please do not send me videos that have been used by other Youtube channels, or imitations of the Crimebodge channel. I will only use content that is provided exclusively to the Crimebodge channel. 


If you would like me to view a video then could you please email me a link to the video files, rather than email me the video files themselves. Or you can upload them as a private video on Youtube and send me the shared link. Or you could upload them to a virtual drive service such as Google drive and send me the shared link.

WeTransfer is a reliable method for sending such files and it has a free account option:

If you use private link sharing of Youtube then please ensure you set the link so it is available to everyone you send it to, otherwise it will just show up as ‘video unavailable.’ For information on how to send a private Youtube link see here