Please read the following FAQ if you would like a response to your email.

Can I share links, videos and stories with you?

Please do. The only thing I would ask is that you don’t send me videos on behalf of others, requesting I help them sue. If the uploader of a video hasn’t contacted me then I cannot help them.

Can I give you my opinion of your articles and videos?

By all means. As long as it isn’t hostile or abusive, feel free to disagree.

I have a good case, will you help me sue?

If you would like to use the Get Help service I would be happy to assess your case for you. Any further need for assistance can then be discussed if I think you have a claim.

I’ve got one question for you?

Then ask away. I will always do my best to respond to intelligent questions that can be answered quickly.

I’ve got this problem I need help with

Then please use the Get Help service. That’s what it’s there for!

Will you read this document?

Please do not send documents or video files unless requested. It clogs up the server.

Will you give me a ring?

I don’t provide any telephone service whatsoever, sorry.

Why do you hate the police?

I don’t. I hate bad police.


Again, please note that due to a large volume of email requests I am unable to provide one-to-one help, except through my paid GET HELP service here:


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