What Is A Deed Poll? You may have heard the term deed poll in relation to a change of name, but never known exactly... Deed Poll Template – Change Your Name Instantly!

What Is A Deed Poll?

You may have heard the term deed poll in relation to a change of name, but never known exactly what it is. Well a deed poll (or change of name deed) is an official document that can be obtained by anyone in the UK who wishes to certify a name change.

Each year tens of thousands of people in the UK change their name for many different reasons:

  • Their existing name may be a source of embarrassment

  • They may wish to adopt the same surname as their common law partner

  • They may wish to obtain anonymity from their current circumstances

  • They may have assumed a pen name or stage name they prefer

  • Their name may often be confused with somebody else’s

  • They have been the victim of identity theft
  • They may have a ruined credit history which they wish to escape

Surprisingly there is no central register that stores all name changes in the UK. Nor is there any government department that manages a database or controls the procedure for a change of name. Any registration or enrollment you make of your name is entirely voluntary. Simply put, the state does not have any control or authority over your name. In the UK names are changed by usage and reputation, not by legal authority.

You can change your name as often and as many times as you like. You can change all of your name or just a part of it. Remove middle names. Change the spelling of your surname. Change your children’s name. Or change both your first and last name completely. And if you change your mind and wish to revert back to your old name, then you are free to do so whenever you choose.

However, if you want to have official documents registered in your new name, such as your passport and driving licence, then you will be asked to provide a Deed Poll. This is a document, usually in the form of a certificate, that states your intention to abandon your old name and begin using your new name. It does NOT have to be prepared or signed by a solicitor. Nor does it have to be written in legal jargon or contain certain contractual clauses to be regarded as ‘authentic’.

It must however contain your old name, new name and current address. It must be signed and dated by yourself with both your old and new signatures. It must also be countersigned by a third party witness. This can be a friend or family member. They do not have to be in any position of authority or to have known you for any set length of time.

This deed can also be used in conjunction with the methods contained in our Ebook Extreme Credit Fixer to create an entirely new and legal credit history, detaching yourself entirely from your old debt.

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A well drafted and nicely printed ‘certificate’ of your name change will ensure your official documents are changed over without delay. You will not be asked why you changed your name or be subjected to scrutiny. Nor will you be ‘flagged up’ on official databases or have your details passed on to other organisations (such as credit reference agencies). A Deed Poll is not law or contract but an official declaration of your change of name. No copies of it are held of it at any official repository at the behest of the government. As you remain the only party bound to the deed you can update, amend or cancel it whenever you wish. No matter how this document is worded, your common law rights to call yourself by any name you wish, whenever you wish, are not affected by signing a deed poll.


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You can obtain our template Deed Poll for just £3 that you can download and complete. Simply print it off and fill it in by hand. Or open it up in your word processor and complete the document with your personal details.

Our Deed Poll contains both a full colour and black and white version of the same document to suit almost any combination of printer and paper. We would recommend a colour inkjet or colour laser printer printed onto thick stationary or thin card. You can print your Deed Poll onto standard A4 or laser-jet paper, but for a really ‘official’ look try printing on 140 – 160 GSM ‘legal’ or ‘certificate’ stationary. You can purchase these from Ryman’s or W H Smiths in sheets of 10.

If you would like us to fill in your details for you, print it off onto legal paper and send you several copies in the post, then we can provide this service for just £9. Please e-mail us here for details.

Remember, there is no such thing as an official Deed Poll registration company. There are a host of companies on the internet offering this same service and charging upwards of £20. Most of them will only send out one copy of your deed, and if it gets lost or destroyed or you make an error filling it in, then you have to pay them again to get a copy. With our Deed Poll you can print it off as often and as many times as you like!


Hit the Paypal button below and after you have cleared checkout you will automatically receive a link where you can download your deed poll straight away. You have 5 days to download your Ebook. Should you encounter any problems opening the file or formatting your deed poll then e-mail us and we will do our utmost to assist. We commonly respond to all e-mails within 12 hours.


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