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Combatting the Police


Take On the Police and Win


“Take on the Police and Win” is a comprehensive guide to beating the police at their own game, containing a wealth of information on how to achieve compensation payments and a satisfactory complaint outcome – all without having to employ the services of a solicitor or step foot in court!

If you have been assaulted by the police or unlawfully detained, if they have forced their way into your home without just cause, harassed or bullied you, then this EBOOK will explain how to take on the civil and legal departments of the police and win!


  • How to bring claims for false imprisonment, assault, trespass, malicious prosecution and other civil injustices as old as 6 years
  • How to defeat the police complaints process
  • How to obtain payouts from the police without going to court
  • How to prevent the police from sabotaging your complaint
  • Complaint and monetary claim letter templates
  • A comprehensive guide on obtaining professional legal help for free
  • The e-mail addresses of every police complaint department in England and Wales


Download it now and you will also receive a free copy of “How to Prosecute Criminals When the Police Won’t”, a short guide to bringing criminals to justice when the police look the other way.




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Uncovering Your Hidden Police Data


Right now, among the multitude of paper files and hard drives that the police maintain, your details are being processed. Left unchecked, that information could damage your chances of employment, be used as an excuse to investigate you or be forwarded onto any one of the numerous government agencies the police share their data with.

“Uncovering Your Hidden Police Data” tells you how to dig out and view that data, where it is stored and the various legal processes you can use to access that information and have it destroyed. Including:


  • How to obtain police notebooks, radio traffic, police station CCTV and other data
  • How to make a full subject access request for all of your personal information from the Police
  • Everything you need to know on making criminal record checks
  • How to prevent an employer from obtaining information you don’t want them to see
  • Legal ways of having police information destroyed
  • How to use Freedom of Information to get the police to answer your questions
  • Subject Access letter template
  • The e-mail addresses of every police subject access and FOI department in the UK


Download it now for just £3.50 and you will also receive a free copy of “What Do the Police Have on You?”, a detailed guide of all the different types of personal data the police may be storing against your name.



Download these Ebooks now for  £3.50


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You Have A Right to Remain Silent

This short ebook is our best selling guide to defending yourself against the police with SILENCE. Including advice and tips on:

  • How to maintain silence under police questioning
  • How the police gather intelligence from what you say
  • Why you should be cautious of what you say as a victim or witness
  • How to handle a police interview after arrest
  • How to maintain silence under stop and search
  • How to avoid your silence being used against you (adverse inference)
  • Your rights not to self-incriminate

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How to Prosecute Criminals When the Police Won't


It would seem that the police have the monopoly on law and order, so who do you turn to when they do nothing?..

What you may not know is that the police do not have the exclusive right to prosecute. We all have that right, including the right to investigate, charge and prosecute any suspect we believe to have committed an offence, no matter how petty or serious the crime.

“How to Prosecute Criminals When the Police Won’t” is a short guide explaining the full process of how to bring criminals to court and have them punished, without the need for the police, including:

  • How to charge somebody with a criminal offence
  • How to write up your own charge sheet and submit it to the court
  • How to summons somebody before the Magistrates’ court
  • How to ensure your prosecution makes it across the finish line
  • Little known free and low cost on-line legal resources (that could potentially save you thousands of pounds)

This Ebook is FREE with any purchase of “Take on the Police and Win” or you can download it alone for just £1.50


Download “How to Prosecute Criminals When the Police Won’t” for £1.50


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What do the Police Have On You


“What Do The Police Have On You” reveals in depth all the different personal information that the police collect about YOU. Records, notes, files, computer data, personal identifiers and images. You will be amazed at just how much data the police store and how easily it is gathered, what the information is used for and how it can be used against you. A guide to everything the police may be storing against your name that you have a right to access, including:

  • Police noteboooks
  • Radio traffic
  • Police station CCTV
  • Body worn video
  • Intelligence files
  • Investigation files
  • Police phone calls


This Ebook is FREE with any purchase of “Uncovering Your Hidden Police Data” or you can download it alone for just £2


Download “What Do the Police Have on You” for £2

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Legal Letters and Legal Documents


Cop Zapper

Get rid of unwanted police visits to your door with the “Cop Zapper Letter”.

This document is a legal notice prohibiting the police from using aggressive tactics to compel you to attend voluntary interviews, accept harassment notices or bully you on your own doorstep…

The Cop Zapper isn’t an empty threat letter, it is a carefully drafted legal document which outlines all the various laws, civil torts, codes of practice, and codes of conduct the police are flouting when they use oppressive means to coerce people into complying with unlawful demands.

As long as the letter is used strictly to prevent the police from abusing their authority in making repeated and unwanted communication or visits, on matters where they ‘just want to speak with you’ and have no intention to arrest – including the unwanted issuing of harassment warnings – then this letter can be handed, sent or e-mailed directly to the offending force as a cease and desist notice.

Download the “Cop Zapper Letter” now for just £4


Download the “Cop Zapper Letter”  £4


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Subject Access Pack

The subject access forms supplied in this pack have been drafted specifically for obtaining copies of your data from the police. The forms list all of the most important data types you can access. All you need do is check the boxes, add dates and times and fill in your own personal details. Use these forms to obtain the following types of data:

  • Everything contained on your criminal record
  • Intelligence files that might contain snippets of information about you or your family
  • Crime reports and incident reports that might refer to you
  • Police interview tapes
  • Speed camera photos taken of your vehicle
  • Police body worn video, if the police have recorded you
  • Police station CCTV and audio, if you have been held in custody
  • Radio traffic recordings, if the police have mentioned you on the airwaves
  • Telephone recordings of your conversations with the police
  • All data held in relation to you regarding harassment warnings
  • Copies of search warrants and the original applications for those warrants
  • Interview tapes
  • A copy of any page of a police notebook that mentions you
  • Emails and referrals made about you to other agencies

These subject access forms are provided in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word DOC formats. You can open and complete them on almost any platform; just download and complete, save and send by email, or print them off and mail them.

Also included with this pack is a step-by-step guide to help you complete the forms: Explaining what each box is for, what additional comments you should add, and how to target your request for a quick and comprehensive response.

Everything you need to get full disclosure on what the police have been saying, doing and reporting about you, can be accessed with this one package. It will save you hundreds of pounds in having to employ the expensive services of a solicitor


Download the “Subject Access Pack” for £4


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Deed Poll

A deed poll is an official document certifying an individual’s change of name. Most people wrongly assume these must be drafted by a government organisation, solicitor or legal stationer but ANYONE can draft up and print off their own deed poll, sign it and submit it as an official record of change of name. This can then be used to legally obtain official documents in your new name, such as a passport and driving licence. As long as the document is correctly worded and smartly presented, all government organisations must accept it as an official deed poll.

There are a host of companies on the internet charging upwards of £20 for what is in effect a printed certificate. Most of them will only send out one copy of your deed, and if it gets lost or destroyed or you make an error filling it in, you have to pay again to get a fresh copy. With our Deed Poll Templates you can just add your details and print off a professional looking document as many times as you like.

These “Deed Poll Templates” contain both full colour and black and white versions to suit almost any combination of printer and paper. We would recommend an inkjet or laser printer, printed onto quality stationary or thin card.

These templates are FREE with any purchase of “Extreme Credit Fixer” or you can download them alone, right now, for just £3




Download the “Deed Poll Templates” for  £3


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Debt Collectors and Bailiff Help



Zapper Letter

If you have unwanted debt collectors coming to your door, phoning, writing, texting or e-mailing you then we recommend that you rid yourselves of them permanently with our ZAPPER LETTER.

This is a carefully drafted legal document which lays down the law as it applies to unwanted doorstep cockroaches trying to collect civil debts!

This reminds the debt collectors of your statutory and common law rights, such as:-


  1. Removing all implied rights of access to your door.
  2. Explaining how the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, Malicious Communications Act 1988 and the Communications Act 2003 protects people from nuisance calls, malicious communications and unwanted visits.
  3. Explaining how contacting neighbours, relatives and other householders in relation to a debt; posting unsealed documents; e-mailing and texting; or talking loudly on the doorstep about personal financial issues contravenes the Data Protection Act 1998.
  4. Explaining how debts over 6 years old are statute barred under the Limitation Act 1980 and are therefore unenforceable.
  5. Reminding the debt collectors of the varying governing bodies, officials and ombudsman whereby complaints can be submitted in regards to oppressive conduct, unwanted calls and written communications.


This document will be e-mailed to you in .pdf, Word and plain text format. All you have to do is add the address you are being hounded at. You don’t need to put your name on the document.

The letter is supplied with a short guide on how the letter works, with further advice on defeating debt collectors.



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Extreme Credit Fixer

“Extreme Credit Fixer” is a proven and highly effective, last ditch approach to escaping overpowering debt. By following the methods carefully set out in this Ebook you can effectively set-aside any outstanding debt and build a new credit history from scratch.

These little know techniques rely specifically upon the lawful process of adopting an identity that you can use exclusively for your financial dealings, while maintaining your existing name for everything else.

This Ebook outlines effective strategies on how to lawfully:

• Change your name without surrendering your old name
• Obtain official ‘certification’ of your new name
• Obtain a passport and driving licence in your new name
• Obtain a utility bill without a credit check
• Obtain a council tax bill at a separate address
• Open a bank account without a credit check
• Appear on the electoral register under your new name
• Protect your new credit history

“Extreme Credit Fixer” also includes the “Zapper Letter” for FREE: A tried and tested way of stopping the unwanted harassment of debt collectors dead in their tracks.

We are also including all the templates you need to create your own change of name deed-poll COMPLETELY FREE  with this Ebook, with full details on how to use them; vital to creating a new and totally legal credit identity.


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