If you have been the victim of a crime, involved in an accident, or you are considering bringing a civil action, then obtaining a... How to Obtain CCTV Footage from Public and Private Organisations (Part 1)

If you have been the victim of a crime, involved in an accident, or you are considering bringing a civil action, then obtaining a copy of any CCTV that may have been captured of the incident is essential. It doesn’t matter if the camera is owned by a private organisation or a public authority, if you can be identified via the footage, then you are entitled to a copy of it under subject access rules.

Sometimes there may be legal reasons which prevent disclosure, such as the footage being part of a criminal investigation, or the footage containing third parties that may have a higher than normal expectation of privacy, but in the vast majority of requests, the data controller must release the footage.

Unfortunately, a large number of public and private organisations misapply or abuse subject access rules as a means to avoid disclosing CCTV. This has become such a widescale problem I am preparing a series of articles to help those who are having trouble accessing CCTV data, usually due to a lack of understanding of data protection laws.

Below is a list of contact email addresses of the most common public spaces where CCTV is in use. The list is by no means comprehensive as to list them all would require a database consisting of hundreds of thousands of potential operators. Instead I have listed the 50 biggest public authorities and some of the most popular private organisations.

If you require access to an organisation’s CCTV not listed here then I recommend you visit the PRIVACY NOTICE page of the target organisation’s website to find the relevant email address. Otherwise, you should email the customer services department making it clear that you are making a valid subject access request.

If you experience any obstructions or complications from the target organisation when making a request for CCTV, or if they demand you fill in a specially prepared form or they insist that only the police or insurers have a right of access, then please read the next part of these articles which will also contain a standard form letter designed to overcome any potential obstructions or blanket refusals.



Birmingham Airport: dataprotection@birminghamairport.co.uk

Doncaster Sheffield Airport: Companysecretarial@peel.co.uk.  

East Midlands International Airport: DPO@magairports.com

Gatwick Airport: dpo@gatwickairport.com

Heathrow Airport: privacy@heathrow.com

Leeds Bradford Airport: dataprotection@lba.co.uk  

London City Airport: dataprotectionqueries@londoncityairport.com

Luton Airport: info@ltn.aero

Manchester Airport: DPO@magairports.com

Stansted Airport: DPO@magairports.com



Barclays: DPO@Barclays.com

HSBC: HSBC DPO, P.O. Box 6201, Coventry CV3 9HW

Lloyds Bank: DSAR, Charlton Place, C57 Andover, SP10 1RE

Nationwide Anglia: Information Rights, Nationwide, Kings Park Rd, Moulton Park, Northants, NN3 6NW

Nat West: Mailroom Manager, 1 Hardman Boulevard, Manchester, M3 3AQ

Santander: Santander UK plc, PO BOX 1111, Bradford, BD1 9NQ

Western Union: privacy@westernunion.com



Arriva: data.protection@arriva.co.uk

Centre Bus: help@centrebus.co.uk

First Bus: DPO@firstgroup.com

National Express: data.protection@nationalexpress.com

Stagecoach: ukbus.datacontroller@stagecoachbus.com



Euro Car Parks: DPO@eurocarparks.com

NCP: dataprotection@ncp.co.uk

Q Park: privacy@q-park.co.uk

Saba: dpo.uk@sabagroup.com



B&Q: dataprotection@b-and-q.co.uk

Homebase: Data.Protection@homebase.co.uk

Toolstation: dataprotection@toolstation.com

Wickes: dataprotection@travisperkins.co.uk

Wilko: InfoGov@wilko.co.uk



BP: privacy3@bp.com

Esso: data.privacy.office@exxonmobil.com

Shell: privacy-office-SI@shell.com

Texaco: customercare@valero.com



East Midlands Railway: dsar@eastmidlandsrailway.co.uk

London Underground: LUL_SAR@tfl.gov.uk

Network Rail: data.protection@networkrail.co.uk



Bluewater: dataprotection@landsec.com

Bullring: dataprotectionofficer@hammerson.com

Intu: data.protection@intu.co.uk

Liverpool One: data@liverpool-one.com

The Mall: dataofficer@capreg.com

Westfield London: dpo@urw.com



Emirates Stadium: dpo@arsenal.co.uk

London Stadium: dataprotection@londonlegacy.co.uk

O2 Arena: privacy@theo2.co.uk

Old Trafford: privacy@manutd.co.uk

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: personaldata@tottenhamhotspur.com

Wembley Stadium: dataprotection@thefa.com



Aldi: privacy@aldi.co.uk

Asda: dataprotection@asda.co.uk

Costco: gdprrequests@costco.co.uk

Farmfoods: fdpo@farmfoods.co.uk

Iceland: dataprotection@iceland.co.uk

Lidl: Data.Protection@lidl.co.uk

Marks & Spencer: customer.dpo@customersupport.marksandspencer.com

Morrisons: dataprotection@morrisonsplc.co.uk

Sainsburys: privacy@sainsburys.co.uk

Spar: dpm@spar.co.uk

Tescos: CCTV.Requests@uk.tesco.com

Waitrose: customer.rights.team@johnlewis.co.uk



Barnet (London Borough): data.protection@barnet.gov.uk

Birmingham City Council: cctvenquirybcc@birmingham.gov.uk

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council: information.governance@Bournemouth.gov.uk

Bradford Council: rachel.oxborough@bradford.gov.uk

Brent Council: dpo@brent.gov.uk

Bristol City Council: subjectaccessrequest@bristol.gov.uk

Bromley (London Borough): data.protection@bromley.gov.uk

Buckinghamshire Council: dataprotection@buckscc.gov.uk

Cheshire East Council: dp@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Cheshire West and Chester: dpo@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

Colchester Borough Council: info@colchester.gov.uk

Cornwall Council: dataprotection@cornwall.gov.uk

Coventry City Council: dpoteam@coventry.gov.uk

Derby City Council: data.protection@derby.gov.uk

Doncaster Council: community.safety@doncaster.gov.uk

Dudley Council: information.governance@dudley.gov.uk

Durham County Council: dpo@durham.gov.uk

Ealing Council: cctv@ealing.gov.uk

East Riding of Yorkshire Council: data.protection@eastriding.gov.uk

Enfield Council: cctv@enfield.gov.uk

Fareham Borough Council: foi@fareham.gov.uk

Hillingdon Council: cctvroom@hillingdon.gov.uk

Hull City Council: information@hullcc.gov.uk

Ipswich Borough Council: dataprotection@ipswich.gov.uk

Kingston Council: cctvenquires@kingston.gov.uk

Kirklees Council: DPO@kirklees.gov.uk

Lambeth Council: infogov@lambeth.gov.uk

Leeds City Council: dpfoi@leeds.gov.uk

Leicester City Council: info.requests@leicester.gov.uk

Lewisham Council: dpa@lewisham.gov.uk

Liverpool City Council: informationrequests@liverpool.gov.uk

Maidstone Borough Council: communitysafety@maidstone.gov.uk

Manchester City Council: informationcompliance@manchester.gov.uk

Newcastle upon Tyne City Council: paul.angus@newcastle.gov.uk

Newham (London Borough): information.governance@newham.gov.uk

Northumberland County Council: Informationgovernance@northumberland.gov.uk

Norwich City Council: CCTVrequests@norwich.gov.uk

Nottingham City Council: cctvmedia@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Peterborough City Council: CCTVpayments@peterborough.gov.uk

Redbridge (London Borough): data.protection@redbridge.gov.uk

Rutland County Council: dataprotection@rutland.gov.uk

Sheffield City Council: subjectaccess@sheffield.gov.uk

Shropshire Council: information.request@shropshire.gov.uk

Southampton City Council: information@southampton.gov.uk

Southwark Council: accessinfo@southwark.gov.uk

Torbay Council: cctv@torbay.gov.uk

Tower Hamlets: cctv@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Wakefield Council: cctv@wakefield.gov.uk

Wandsworth London Borough Council: cctvrequests@wandsworth.gov.uk

Wigan Council: subjectaccess@wigan.gov.uk

Wiltshire Council: InformationGovernance@wiltshire.gov.uk

Wirral Council: DPO@wirral.gov.uk

York Council: foi@york.gov.uk



Birmingham University: dataprotection@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Bristol University: data-protection@bristol.ac.uk

Cambridge University: data.protection@admin.cam.ac.uk

De Montfort University: dataprotection@dmu.ac.uk

Durham University: information.governance@durham.ac.uk

Exeter University: dataprotection@exeter.ac.uk

Imperial College London: dpo@imperial.ac.uk

Lancaster University: information-governance@lancaster.ac.uk

Leeds University: dpo@leeds.ac.uk

Liverpool University: legal@liverpool.ac.uk

London School of Economics: glpd.info.rights@lse.ac.uk

Manchester University: dataprotection@manchester.ac.uk

Nottingham University: dpo@nottingham.ac.uk

Oxford University: information.compliance@admin.ox.ac.uk

Sheffield University: dataprotection@sheffield.ac.uk

Sheffield Hallam: dpo@shu.ac.uk

Southampton University: data.protection@soton.ac.uk

Warwick University: dpo@warwick.ac.uk

University College London: data-protection@ucl.ac.uk

York University: dataprotection@york.ac.uk



Rob Warner