We have written little about debt collectors and bailiffs (or Enforcement agents as they have been newly christened) on this site in recent months... How to Reset Bad Credit to Zero and Stave Off Debts For Good


We have written little about debt collectors and bailiffs (or Enforcement agents as they have been newly christened) on this site in recent months because unlike the police there is a fairly simple process to combatting them:

The first step is to prevent them from entering your home: by keeping your doors and windows shut and refusing to answer the door. The second step is to refuse to communicate with them and in the case of debt collectors, notify them that any oppressive methods they use will be deemed harassment. (See our Zapper Letter).

But this is only a short-term fix. If you really want to get rid of bailiffs forever then you have one of two choices: Pay them what they are asking or distance yourself entirely from your existing credit history.

This is why we wrote the Ebook “Extreme Credit Fixer“. To help those who were at the mercy of these door-stepping thugs, unscrupulous lenders and credit reference agencies. All who prey on the financially vulnerable and the lowest income earners.


What It Does

Extreme Credit Fixer is a last ditch approach to escaping overpowering debt. By following the methods carefully set out in this book you can effectively set-aside any outstanding debt and build a new credit history from scratch.

We don’t encourage people to abuse the methods to dodge their debts entirely, but we also don’t believe that people should remain at the mercy of unscrupulous debt collection agencies and huge multi-national companies, banks and lenders.

It’s true that the techniques we reveal in this guide will not work for everyone. If you have a mortgage or you own property then you will always be at the mercy of your debts. Owning property is the greatest threat to debtors, as it is the first thing that a bailiff or creditor can seize through the courts. If you own a vehicle that you insist on keeping parked up on your drive, or registered in your name, then this too could keep you in the crosshairs of persistent bailiffs. However, if you are willing to be flexible and realistic with what services you subscribe to and be selective with what personal details you use (and share), then the methods outlined in this Ebook are likely to be your salvation.

Remember you are not obliged to share your details with credit reference agencies. In fact, this book explains at length how to ensure you keep your information out of the hands of credit reference agencies such as Experian, CallCredit and Equifax. As well as prevent utility companies, mobile phone companies and the local authority from collecting and sharing your data.


How It Works

Extreme Credit Fixer relies specifically upon the lawful process of adopting an identity that you can use exclusively for your financial dealings while maintaining your existing name for everything else.

This Ebook outlines effective strategies on how to lawfully:

• Change your name without surrendering your old name
• Obtain official ‘certification’ of your new name
• Obtain a passport and driving licence in your new name
• Obtain a utility bill without a credit check
• Obtain a council tax bill at a separate address
• Open a bank account without a credit check
• Appear on the electoral register under your new name
• Protect your new credit history

By following its methods you will learn how to obtain all the official documents that you need to subscribe to essential services so that you can build a fresh credit history from scratch without it ever being associated with your old credit history.

You won’t have to work harder or make more money to achieve this outcome. The techniques we reveal work by utilizing little-known methods and exploiting legal loopholes.

And believe us when we say that this strategy works and works well. In just a matter of weeks, it’s possible to have your new credit history up and running, and to achieve a high credit score in months! And even if you choose not to follow the advice offered here, this Ebook will still teach you methods and tricks, loopholes and secrets that you won’t have read anywhere else.

So if you are ready to start taking steps that can have a powerful impact on your financial life then download your copy of Extreme Credit Fixer for just £10.


Better still, we are giving away our infamous debt collection Zapper Letter for FREE with each purchase of Extreme Credit Fixer.




This letter is a tried and tested way of stopping the unwanted harassment of debt collectors dead in their tracks. It sets out in detail the numerous laws that the debt collector will be breaching if they continue to relentlessly pursue you for debt by the use of oppressive methods.




We are also including COMPLETELY FREE all the templates you need to create your own change of name deed-poll. Just fill in your new name and old name, print the documents onto card or legal paper and you can use them as an official deed to legally declare a change of name.

The purpose of the change of name deed is explained in depth within Extreme Credit Fixer and is vital to creating a new and totally legal credit identity.


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