By way of demonstration to our article Never Allow the Police Into Your Home here is a text book example of what can happen... Huddersfield Police Assault Autistic Lad To Stop Him Filming In His Own Home

By way of demonstration to our article Never Allow the Police Into Your Home here is a text book example of what can happen if you do.



Here, two Huddersfield police officers visit the home of an autistic young man who has allegedly committed what the police regard as a very serious offence. And that is, daring to film them in the street. Something that we have written about at length that every member of the public has the right to do. The police of course, don’t see it that way…


They don’t like to be scrutinised in the same way that they scrutinise us on a daily basis, simply because they don’t want to be caught exceeding their authority and bullying the public. They want to be able to act unlawfully without impunity and they’ll be damned if they’ll let any member of the public excercise their lawful rights to catch them at it.


So this hapless pair, proving that there is no allegation trivial enough not to send a couple of uniformed plod to the door, actually turn up to tell the occupier THAT HE HAS COMMITTED NO OFFENCE by filming in the street. Yup, the police are now turning out in force to let innocent members of the public know when they HAVEN’T broken the law.


However, the female police officer goes on to explain in, a roundabout way – and through gritted teeth – that although he hasn’t broken any laws of the land by filming in the street, he has broken the laws that she has just made up in her head. And that’s if somebody doesn’t like being filmed – I.E: the cops – then it can be dressed up as a minor public order offence for causing harassment, alarm and distress.


It can’t, but she’s hoping that – just like other members of the public she lies too – he will automatically swallow her bullshit and do as he is told.


He doesn’t. So this officer decides to make a quantum leap of authority by trying to manhandle the phone away from this autistic lad to prevent him from filming IN HIS OWN HOME.


Because police officers such as these are so drunk on their own authority, so unaccountable to anyone in seniority, so ignorant of the law, they actually believe they can waltz into somebody’s home and prevent them from filming inside their own living rooms. 


These pair of arrogant pillocks should have been left on the doorstep like stray cats when they came knocking. The occupants were totally in their rights to refuse to answer the door. And as the police officers – by their own admission – were not there to arrest anyone, they should have been told to go away as soon as they knocked. Any failure to leave from that point on would have constituted a trespass.


Just to underscore the point of why you should never allow the police into your home, watch how the male half of this slapstick duo starts fishing about in the hallway for something – ANYTHING – he can prosecute someone for. Bringing it curiously to the occupants like a four year old who’s just found a dog turd in the back garden.


This is what happens when you allow the police into your home. They will find something, ANYTHING, to justify their intrusion, even if it means grabbing something off the mantlepiece and conducting an ad hoc interrogation as to it’s significance.


By way of total contrast, here’s a much more amusing clip of somebody dropping a swear bomb out of an open window at some clueless West Yorkshire cop who’s out on a cold calling exercise looking to see if he can get someone to admit to an offence they haven’t committed. Certainly NOT the way to deal with such a visit because screaming out of your window like this just gives vindictive coppers such as this an excuse to make a petty arrest for breach of the peace. 



The whole spectacle soon collapses into a festival of abuse, with the police officer who has kept his cool until now, suddenly exploding into true form and acting like a back-street thug.


Thanks to Crimebodge contributor Daniel Primus for sending us both these clips.

Rob Warner