A favourite stock quote of plod is the old lie: “If You’ve Done Nothing Wrong, You’ve Got Nothing to Worry About.”  On the contrary,...

Forensic Scientists study a police file for signs of common sense.

A favourite stock quote of plod is the old lie: “If You’ve Done Nothing Wrong, You’ve Got Nothing to Worry About.”  On the contrary, with our mindless cops and their nodding-dog counterparts the CPS, if you’ve done nothing wrong you’ve got EVERYTHING to worry about. Especially if the forensics lab who have your DNA sample are a branch of fuckwits.

A company called LGC Forensics re-used plastic trays to collect DNA samples and as a result someone was falsely accused of rape.  The DNA sample was the entirety of the police investigation and all the evidence they had. They hauled 20 year old Adam Scott in for question – his DNA having been collected after some street brawl – and subsequently questioned him, charged him and then slammed him up on remand for 6 months. Even though he’d been 200 miles away when the rape occurred.

So a big hearty pat on the back for Greater Manchester Police, who can congratulate themselves for ‘just doing their jobs’ as they willingly complied in destroying an innocent man’s life.  Not forgetting the Dial-A-Prosecution team at CPS who would also have just been ‘doing their jobs’ as they instructed GMP to go ahead and charge him with a serious crime the poor kid didn’t do.

Apparently, LGC Forensics may have re-used a few more trays than this one, and there may be a few more ‘miscarriages of justice’ languishing in jail courtesy of our fifth rate law enforcers.  Naturally, nobody at LGC will be getting the sack. Nor will the company lose it’s contract. The Forensic Science Regulator has seen to that. Another one of these Quangos, that are supposed to protect us the public from the government’s willingness to hand big fat contracts to all their chums. The only watching these people do are on each other’s pockets to make sure they are always bulging.

Let’s just hope that Adam Scott  sues them into oblivion. He needs to get himself a new legal team as well, if his last one was so useless it allowed him to spend five months in jail without ever bothering to force the hand of the police with proper evidence.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to how the excuse factory the IPCC sweep this one under their already over-stuffed carpet. No doubt – courtesy of Greater Manchester Police – this will all result in “lessons being learned.”  Yup, our lessons. That the police just cannot be trusted.

Rob Warner