My YouTube channel has grown rapidly over the past year and I recently clocked 100,000 subscribers. However, I have decided to give it a... I’m Tired of Youtube and Here’s Why

My YouTube channel has grown rapidly over the past year and I recently clocked 100,000 subscribers. However, I have decided to give it a rest for a while and I want to explain why…

It’s very difficult to run both a popular channel and a website and I feel that my priorities belong with this site. There are also quite a few reasons that I have become very disillusioned with YouTube.

Firstly, YouTube is not an educational tool it is an entertainment tool. This is borne out by the fact that videos which are designed to inform get considerably less traffic than those which entertain. People are less inclined to know their rights and prefer instead to witness the drama of  police bad behaviour.

The aim of this site has always been to provide people with the necessary information and resources to allow them to overcome abuses of authority. The Crimebodge Youtube channel on the other hand has been pulling me in the opposite direction, where it has become clear that viewers have little interest in learning how to protect themselves and even less interest in taking a pro-active stance toward challenging the behaviour of the police.

This last fact became obvious to me with my most recent upload:

The video itself clocked over 100,000 views in 24 hours. Therefore, I thought it would be a good opportunity to invite people to take action to discourage the police from the type of behaviour depicted in the video. At the top of the comments I invited people to complain to both the force and the PCC. Out of 2500 comments I received all of one person responded. And that was to ask me if I’d bothered to complain! (I had).

In fairness, there were several users within the comments who had commendably taking it upon themselves to contact the force directly. But it was a depressing fact that the vast majority of viewers had no interest whatsoever in taking a stand against this continued abuse of the criminal justice system against its public. This in itself renders the Youtube channel fairly useless in my regard.


An unweeded garden

The worst aspect of having a YouTube channel is maintaining the comments section. An onerous task at the best of times especially on popular videos. Like an unweeded garden, if left unattended, the comments section can quickly overgrow and spoil the view. In the case of my channel, the comments are regularly overrun by hateful police officers who take objection to any form of criticism of them, no matter how deserved.

It is not uncommon to see one-time user accounts being created specifically for spreading malice and hate. This is prevalent among YouTube channels who feature content that criticises the ‘stars’ of its videos and it is those stars who are usually responsible for creating multiple user accounts as a means to defend themselves anonymously or to smear the uploader in the comments section.

This is a practice the police have perfected, as well as sharing the videos on police forums knowing that their users will attack the channel or the uploader. Something I have routinely experienced from the criminally minded behaviour of police employees on the Reddit PoliceUK forum which has resulted in a number of police complaints against its users.

Being unable to access the IP addresses of YouTube commentators without a court order it is difficult to ascertain which police employees and their enablers are making the postings. This means ploughing through all of the comments to weed out the troublemakers. A thankless task which can take many hours a day per video.


Ignorance is bliss

It’s not just police employees that make YouTube comments an unpleasant place. It’s very easy to get the impression that most people don’t watch the videos let alone care about the abuses within it.  The comments are full of inane and ignorant remarks that often lead me to wonder why I ever bother. Comments such as ‘I hope he complained’ and ‘let us know the outcome’ when I’ve already stated clearly the subject of the video is too afraid to complain. Equally annoying are comments asking for information that is clearly available on other videos I have uploaded. Videos the viewer will never bother clicking on or seeking out because quite frankly, they can’t be bothered.

There are plenty of other reasons that the comments have discouraged me but they are not my main reason for doubting the value and future of YouTube.

My biggest concern is with the platform itself: a private property that is firmly entrenched within the left wing ideals of Silicon Valley and a platform that is increasingly censoring anything that deviates from its preferred narrative.

I have already discovered to my cost the penalty of addressing certain aspects of policing that YouTube would prefer to silence. The most predominant is that involving Islam. The police’s obsession with pandering to Islam has reached such hysterical proportions I feel an increasing urge to make it a central issue. And yet in my experience, any of my videos that so much as mentions the word ‘Islam’ is automatically demonetised as well as depreciated in the search results. This means that YouTube monetarily disincentivizes it’s users from discussing issues that it would rather just go away. And as most Youtubers rely upon advertising revenue generated and controlled by Google (the owners of YouTube) it becomes obvious that there is literally no profit in discussing certain important issues.


The future is

It also troubles me that at any moment my entire output on YouTube could be removed on a whim. I have absolutely no faith in YouTube as an outlet for free speech, as they have already demonstrated with Tommy Robinson and Alex Jones. Left wing identity politics is the new fascism; a poison that has infected every department of the criminal justice system in this country and I see no sign of it abating. How long until that triumvirate of bad faith: the Home Office, the CPS and the police, collectively conspire to outlaw criticism of law enforcement in this country in the interests of ‘hate speech’ and ‘terrorism’? They have already shown their willingness to ignore the rule of law and the legislative process to introduce thoughtcrime and religious blasphemy through the back door and YouTube just like Twitter and Facebook are keen to enforce any local laws they believe further their political objectives.

It therefore seems pointless to me to build up a following on a platform that is ultimately doomed. And the suggestion that I should back up my work on other platforms such as Bitchute are platitudinous; not only is Bitchute a clumsy, error ridden platform, only a mere fraction of Youtubers are ever willing to leave the comfort zone of one video upload site for another. Furthermore just because Bitchute proclaims to be a protector of free speech today – no doubt as a means to attract new subscribers – doesn’t mean that’s how they will be thinking tomorrow. Especially as all social network platforms are at the mercy of the same advertising revenue; controlled by advertisers who have the same poisonous left wing objectives as the platforms they sponsor.

Besides which I have a perfectly serviceable and secure platform of my own here at that remains unaffected by the vagaries of social media autocrats and despotic advertisers. I don’t need YouTube to survive and if people are genuinely interested in protecting themselves from abuses of authority then it shouldn’t trouble them too much to come here to get the help they need.

So for all of these reasons I will be investing the bulk of my energy back into this website and not YouTube. I feel that I have neglected this site of late and that is a terrible shame. Therefore, I will be updating more regularly and providing more tools and products to assist those who support this website and its objectives. I will still update on YouTube but unless my opinion changes it will be primarily to promote the resources available here.

This site has been the mainstay of my output for the past 7 years and although YouTube has brought me a larger following I’m hoping that those who find the subject matter of interest will understand my aims to encourage people to transcend the confines of YouTube and patronize the wider scope of this website on a regular basis.

So thanks again to everyone who had supported me on YouTube and I hope to see you as regular visitors here!

Rob Warner