In the past year I have been busy producing a number of videos for Youtube across a broad range of legal subjects. A selection... Latest Videos

In the past year I have been busy producing a number of videos for Youtube across a broad range of legal subjects. A selection of them are listed below.







The BAD COP, NO DONUT series, highlights police abuses of powers in the UK. The aim is to show how often and readily the police exceed their authority and violate the publics’ civil rights. In most of these videos I explain where the police have gone wrong, and in some cases I describe how the individuals involved could bring civil claims for damages.

These are the most common instances of police bad behaviour, recorded by the people on the receiving end. If you have experienced anything similar to the incidents shown in this video then you may have a potential claim, or at the very least, grounds for complaint.



Got a legal problem you need help with?

I can provide you with one-to-one email support on a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • Police complaints
  • Suing the police
  • Challenging harassment warnings
  • Getting the police to investigate crimes
  • Neighbour-on-neighbour disputes
  • Advising people who are under investigation for petty offences
  • Providing legal letters
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Wrongful stop and search
  • Trespass
  • Challenging police cautions, warnings, information notices and reprimands
  • Human Rights claims
  • Combatting private and state prosecutors, such as the RSPCA, TV Licensing and the Local Authority
  • Dealing with unwanted debt collectors and bailiffs
  • Social networking harassment and unwanted communication
  • Data protection issues
  • Subject access requests

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ARMCHAIR LAWYER attempts to simplify and explain the law. I get so many questions about so many different areas of criminal and civil matters, I have decided to create a series of videos answering the most commonly asked. Each video attempts to deal with a popular topic in under 5 minutes. As the first video in this series proved to be quite popular, I will be adding to them as often as I can.





The remaining videos cover news items, know your rights and public information videos.





If you have a video that you would be interested in me using for the “Bad Cop No Donut” series, then please get in touch via the contact form below.

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Rob Warner