The police complaints forms provided on individual forces websites are inadequate. They are difficult to locate and laborious to use. Not only do they... Police Complaints Form – (Just Click and Complete)

The police complaints forms provided on individual forces websites are inadequate. They are difficult to locate and laborious to use. Not only do they attempt to limit the content and category of complaint, the ask the complainant for personal information they are not required to give. Worst still, the complaints are sent to a generic police e-mail address, so that they can be dealt with by uniformed officers rather than the professional standards department itself.

For that reason I have prepared an all Police Forces complaints form to automate the process of making an official complaint against police officers and police staff in England and Wales. Just open the PDF document in a reader (or Chrome web browser) and fill in the details.

The letter has a drop down box with all 43 Force email addresses.


This Police Complaints Form ensures that all of the essential information is provided and reaches the correct department. Just select the relevant police force from the drop-down menu at the top of the form and it will automatically proved you with the correct e-mail address. 

The form I have prepared also gives you options to choose which category of complaint you are making. These are categories of professional standards set out within the Police Code of Ethics (which is also provided with the complaints letter). By identifying exactly which code the officer has breached, ensures that the complaint handler cannot readily excuse the officer’s wrongdoing.

All of the necessary information that should form part of your complaint has been itemised in this document. It also sets out in legal terms the obligations upon the police to deal with complaint under the official procedure of the Police Complaints Process and the penalties for failing to do so.

Before a complaint will be dealt with officially by the police it must meet under the following conditions: The complaint must be about the conduct of a police employee, it must not relate to the direction and control of the police force, and it must be be made by the person who was affected by the officer’s actions or a witness to it.

There is no need to print this document off or post it to the police. It is a fillable PDF document that once completed can be saved and e-mailed directly to the relevant force. Just cut and paste that e-mail address from the drop down box, attach the document and e-mail it directly to the Professional Standards Department of your county force.

To make it even easier to complete I have provided sample texts within all the relevant fields, including a detailed complaint example to give you an idea on how to write an effective police complaint.

If for any reason the police fail to respond to your complaint within the statutory time limit of 15 working days, you should appeal directly to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). You can do this by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Official Police Complaint document.

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Rob Warner