We recently contacted all 43 police forces in England to find out how easy it is to make a complaint… The results we... Police Complaints MADE EASY!

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We recently contacted all 43 police forces in England to find out how easy it is to make a complaint…

The results we found were shocking – but considering the slippery nature of the police – unsurprising.

Almost every force we contacted attempted to use diversionary tactics to dodge the complaint:


  • Transferring the call to another police officer who attempts to ‘settle’ the complaint on the phone.
  • Referring the caller to the force’s website to fill in a long complex complaint form.
  • Having a telephone operator transcribe the complaint in an abbreviated form, to make it sound irrelevant and petty.
  • Denying the existence of an e-mail address for the complaints department or refusing to hand it over when asked.



For this reason we have written a comprehensive guide on how to use the police complaints system to it’s fullest advantage…



Not just by ensuring that offending police officers are disciplined to the full extent of the law, but by obtaining compensation for the complainant. Without ever having to go to court!




Our latest Ebook – Take on the Police and Win is a comprehensive guide to beating the police at their own game, containing a wealth of knowledge on how to achieve a successful resolution when the police have acted unlawfully, including:


  • How to make complaints that stick and appeals that succeed
  • How to obtain payouts from the police without going to court
  • How to prevent the police from sabotaging your complaint
  • Complaint and claim letter templates
  • A comprehensive guide on obtaining professional legal help for free
  • A no nonsense breakdown of the entire complaints and appeal process
  • The  e-mail addresses of every police complaint department in England and Wales



If you have been assaulted by the police or unlawfully detained, if they have forced their way into your home without just cause, harassed or bullied you into talking to them or abused your rights, then this EBOOK will help you right those wrongs!



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