We were recently contacted by a Crimebodge reader who succeeded in having a harassment warning removed from the Police National Computer after reading our... Success! Another Harassment Warning is Removed


We were recently contacted by a Crimebodge reader who succeeded in having a harassment warning removed from the Police National Computer after reading our article “Harassment Warnings: How to Challenge Them.

The various laws and methods that give you the powers to challenge harassment warnings are explained in depth in our Ebook ‘Uncovering Your Hidden Police Data.’ Many of the laws surrounding the unlawfulness of Harassment Warnings are noted in our readers letter which he asked us to publish to this website:

Hello Rob!

I am pleased to inform you that I finally have had the unwarranted Harassment Warning Notice I mentioned removed from the Police National Computer.

I appreciated your sound counsel and support throughout in achieving it.

The circumstances of the Harassment Warning Notice were that I was badly injured at work and ‘medically retired’. Head of Human Resources tried to deny me compensation, retirement and service pensions so, understandably, I fell out with my former employer.

A few days afterwards, the Local Beat Manager called at our home and issued the Harassment Warning Notice. There were no words to describe the feelings that I experienced, that morning, as a law-abiding citizen.

Apparently, HR had complained to a Police Officer, who I have still never met to this day, and he issued the Harassment Warning Notice without making sufficient enquiries to determine if such a cause of action was either warranted or justified.

I complained to the Force’s Professional Standards, who acknowledged in writing that the Harassment Warning Notice was unjustified, but the investigating DS told me that a Harassment Warning Notice could not be removed from the PNC but it was not a criminal record!!


I have since found that the Harassment Warning Notice entry had breached:

Protection of Freedoms Act 2012

Data Protection Act 1998 (Principles 2, 3 and 4)

Human Rights Act 1998: Article 7 (No Punishment without Law) & Article 8 (Respect for Private Life)

Computer Misuse Act 1990

PNC Manual Volume 2

Then I read your article and made a request under the ‘Exceptional Case Procedure’. I hope that other followers of Crimebodge, in similar positions, will follow up on your helpful advice and get their own unjust Harassment Warning Notice removed.

Full Name & Address Supplied

Hopefully, this will encourage more people to challenge harassment warnings which are nothing more than a verdict without trial.

We are always interested in hearing any success stories anyone has had using the resources available on this site, so please write to us. We guarantee you total anonymity and will only publish the details that you choose.

By publicizing your stories you will hopefully encourage others to challenge abusers of authority and hold the police accountable for their reckless actions.



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Rob Warner