For most people, the police complaints process is a depressing waste of time.  Not only do the police get to investigate themselves and... Take on the Police and Win!



For most people, the police complaints process is a depressing waste of time.  Not only do the police get to investigate themselves and help fellow officers escape misconduct charges, the get to handle appeals too…

And if you are lucky enough to have a complaint upheld, most officers escape with nothing more than a few paltry ‘words of advice’ or a bit of ‘management training’…

So why bother?

Well, we believe you have every reason to bother. Especially when you use our methods. Because over the past few years we have helped thousands of people with their police complaints. In that time we have developed an intimate working knowledge of the complaints system, and how to exploit it to the advantage of the complainant…

Not just by ensuring that offending police officers are disciplined to the full extent of the law, but by obtaining compensation for the complainant. Without ever having to go to court!

Mr. Primus received a £500 payout from West Yorkshire Police for a wrongful stop and search by sending ONE LETTER using the processes outlined in this Ebook
…I want to shout it from the mountain tops. We won! This is a massive thing for me. I have never had a good outcome like this. Mr. D. Primus




Miss Frain received a £650 payout from the Metropolitan Police who insisted she hand her phone over on the street so they could make an IMEI check
Thank you so much!… I spoke to three different solicitors and none of them were interested in my claim…I never thought I could get compensation without going to court…I’m still amazed at how easy it was.  Miss. J. Frain

“Take on the Police and Win” is a comprehensive guide to beating the police at their own game; containing a wealth of knowledge on how to achieve a successful resolution when the police have acted unlawfully, including:

  • How to make complaints that stick and appeals that succeed
  • How to obtain payouts from the police without going to court
  • How to prevent the police from sabotaging your complaint
  • Complaint and claim letter templates
  • A comprehensive guide on obtaining professional legal help for free
  • A no nonsense breakdown of the entire complaints and appeal process
  • The  e-mail addresses of every police complaint department in England and Wales


If you have been assaulted by the police or unlawfully detained, if they have forced their way into your home without reasonable cause, harassed or bullied you into talking to them or abused your rights, then this EBOOK will help you hold them to account.

FREE with this Ebook is a copy of “How to Prosecute Criminals – When the Police Won’t.”


All forces police complaint form:
No need to print off and post. Just click and complete, select the force from the drop down menu and email it directly.



“How to Prosecute Criminals When the Police Won’t”

More and more people are using their statutory right to prosecute – to bring offenders to justice – when the police, quite simply, can’t be bothered.

This E-Doc explains the full process of how to bring criminals to court and have them punished (or even sent to jail), including:

  • How to charge somebody with a criminal offence
  • How to write up your own charge sheet and submit it to the court
  • How to summons somebody before the Magistrates’ court
  • How to ensure your prosecution makes it across the finish line
  • Little known free and low cost on-line legal resources (that could potentially save you thousands of pounds)

I am giving this E-doc away FREE with every download of “Take on the Police and Win!’



Take on the Police and Win!‘ (and your FREE copy of “How to Prosecute Criminals – When the Police Won’t”) + Fillable PDF Police complaint form


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