by Rob Warner This is a cheque I received from Derbyshire police today in settlement of a claim for trespass. The trespass involved two police... We Achieve Yet Another Payout From the Police – This Time For Ourselves

by Rob Warner


This is a cheque I received from Derbyshire police today in settlement of a claim for trespass. The trespass involved two police officers who forced their way into my home after I refused them entry. They had received a malicious allegation from a neighbour that there was a vicious row going on in the house, even though I was alone.


The event occurred almost 4 years ago and it wasn’t until several months back – having helped so many others bring claims against the police – I decided to make a claim for myself. Hopefully, this demonstrates that historic claims up to 6 years old are just as valid as if they happened yesterday.


But it wasn’t just the unlawful entry into my home that compelled me to bring an action against the police. It was the allegations that followed shortly after, which made me realise just how sick and vengeful police officers can be.


In this case WPC Samantha Okey  – who on hearing that I made a complaint about her wrongful entry into my home – went back to my neighbour (who I had long been in dispute with) and fabricated an entirely untrue and reprehensible allegation against me; involving a public act of violent self-harm on my doorstep. I have never been violent in my life – least of all to myself – but what made this smear all the more disgusting is that Okey claimed it occurred in front of my then infant daughter.


Okey’s motives were obvious. She hoped to punish me for complaining by destroying my family with the intervention of social services, who she also made a malicious referral of the untrue allegations to. 


Hell hath no fury like a police officer scorned.



P.C. Samantha Okey 3427 of Derbyshire Police


Needless to say Okey’s attempts at ruining me backfired. Not only did I further my complaint until I received an admission that my neighbour had not witnessed nor reported any such violent act on my part (Derby Police merely excused Okey’s fabrication as a ‘clerical error’), I then set up this website and devoted all my time to helping others to protect themselves from similar abuses of authority from criminally minded police officers.


£200 for the damage this woman attempted to wreak against myself and my family is tokenistic. However, to have challenged Okey for fraud – as her ‘clerical error’ clearly was – would have been foolhardy and insurmountable as well as an inevitable few days in court. It was also made clear to me in my exchange of letters with Derby Police’s legal department that Okey – true to form – was willing to lie about the events in question and claim that she had never pushed past me into my home. Thereby preventing the police from having to pay out on the much more expensive assault and battery element of my claim. 


I had no idea if Okey’s fellow officer that day would be just as willing to perjure herself in court, but knowing the unspoken patriotism that police officers have to each other over the truth, I decided not to give her the benefit of the doubt. Without a third party witness or concrete evidence, it would be my word against two police officer’s. Not a situation I felt like risking my all for, so I had no other option but to drop the assault and battery elements of my claim.


More to the point, I stuck to my methodology of settling monetary claims outside of court with just a few e-mails to the legal department. Techniques that I explore in-depth in my Ebook “Take on the Police and Win“. I also used the police complaints process for no other reason except to smoke out an excuse for the officer’s actions which they would then be stuck with as a useless defence that they would never dare bring to court.


This £200 – although tokenistic – is an admission from Derbyshire police that what their officers did that day was unlawful. I also know that a complaint upheld on an officer’s service record will have little impedance upon their career. But a successful compensation pay-out at the behest of the Chief Constable is something that no police officer wants on their record. Not even a dishonest and criminally minded officer such as P.C. Samantha Okey.


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