If you are new to the Crimebodge website, you might have questions about its purpose, its legitimacy and its security. The following FAQ will... Your Safety and Security Guaranteed on this Website

If you are new to the Crimebodge website, you might have questions about its purpose, its legitimacy and its security. The following FAQ will hopefully answer those queries:


Who runs this website?

This website is owned, operated and maintained by Rob Warner, who is based in Derby. It is a full time job and has been since 2012. If you would like to know more about me, why I set the website up and what legal experience I have then please click on the about me page for the full story.

Is this site legal?

Yes. All the articles, products and legal services provided on this website are within the law. Although this site is highly critical of the police and the authorities, it is not an attack site or a hate site. It is designed to help people understand and assert their rights where they do not have access to a solicitor or they are in urgent need of legal advice. In the 6 years the site has been running, it has never been the subject of any legal action or been challenged by the authorities. Why would it be? This website operates ethically and honestly.

Is this site secure?

Yes, it always has been. In recent months I have upgraded the site to a https secure server for added security. You will always see the green padlock in your browser for every page of this site. This website also has server side protection provided by our webhost for maximum security. In fact, the additional security costs more than the hosting package itself!

Is this site safe to purchase from?

This site has been running since 2012. In that time I have sold thousands of Ebooks and assisted many thousands of emailers. All payments are processed by Paypal directly through the Paypal website. No credit card or payment details are gathered through this site. It would be impossible to do so, given that we have no access to Paypal servers. Every payment you make is protected by Paypal’s seller/buyer protection program, so in the unlikely event there is a dispute it is dealt with directly by Paypal.

How do I know my personal details are safe using this site?

Any information you share with me via email, purchases or other communication methods remains 100% confidential and secure. I do not keep and store any personal data in relation to those who purchase products or use legal services. I am not attached to any outside agencies nor restricted by codes of conduct. I do not share email lists or send out spam email. I do not even maintain a subscriber’s list. I may, on occasion, send out emails of products, articles and services that may be of interest to those who have emailed me or purchased products in the past from this site. These types of emails are very infrequent and you are free to opt out of them whenever you wish.

Why are your books only available as downloads?

To offer printed versions of each book would add at least another £5 to the price. Most of the people who purchase from Crimebodge want the information right away. Furthermore, it is much easier to update and amend a completed work then to have it reprinted from scratch. All Ebooks on this site are provided in .PDF format which is a universal format that can be read on almost any device. You don’t need to access the website again to read the book you purchase. Once downloaded it is yours to keep forever. You can also transfer the book across your own devices.

What’s the process for purchasing an Ebook?

For added security and to prevent link sharing, all of the Ebooks sold on this site are maintained by our third party host Ejunkie. Ejunkie are one of the biggest and most respected digital download companies on the Internet. All payments are processed by Paypal. Once you click on a product you wish to purchase, you will be redirected to Ejunkie who will in turn send you to the Paypal checkout page. Once the payment is made, your screen will refresh and you will automatically receive a link where you can download your Ebook right away. You will also receive an email invoice that includes this link.

This short video shows exactly what the process is for purchasing an Ebook on this site:


If you experience any problems with your link or opening your purchase, then email me right away and I will fix it.

What’s the process for using the GET HELP service?

The Get Help service is offered at a premium. It’s aim is to provide people with immediate and affordable legal assistance and to fund this website. Once you click on the link you will be taken to the Paypal payment page. On completion of payment you will be redirected to the GET HELP form. Here you can enter details of whatever legal matters you need help with. If I need any additional information to advise you fully I will write back to you. I always aim to respond to GET HELP requests within 24 hours. Once I have all the information I need I will provide you with a full written response, breaking down in detail the best way to tackle your predicament. You are free to ask follow-up questions on receipt of my response which I will do my best to answer. Please note that the service is for one time assistance only in respect of related issues. I do not provide ongoing assistance, but you are free to use the service again whenever you wish.

All emails are dealt with in the strictest confidence and all advice given is ethical, practical and within the law.

Rob Warner